Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Olympics Aren't Perfect, but They're Perfect Right Now

Since Friday night, my family has sat together watching the 2016 Summer Olympic games. Not all at once, we rotate in and out of the TV room, one likes volleyball, another checks in on swim, my husband is there for most of it.

Starting with the Opening Ceremony, filling the screen with faces and dress from around the world, hearing beautiful accents and reading names of countries we hadn't heard of, some newly formed, we've been present for these games. On screen, we saw brown faces, white faces, black faces, every color of humanity, and we were together as family, at home and there. We look more alike than we don't. That's something that's become important to remember this ugly election season in America.

We are one family. We don't need to fear different. And how these games remind us of how we are just one corner of a huge world. I don't think the mental respite and relief of the Olympics has ever been more needed.

Our world has a history, one which is made of diversity. To see these nations send in their best, who will compete among the best, is a side by side story of how our nations were built: with each other. I feel each country's pride and I fall in love with the Olympians they've sent. My heart swells with love for the spirit of the Olympic games.

Summer 2016 is not just games in Rio, summer 2016 is when America was thirsting and hungering for the show of unity that the Olympic games do so well in reminding us. This has been a tense election cycle in America, but seeing the tens of thousands of glorious faces coming together, we are undeniably presented with fact: America is but a small part. Humbling, at the very least.

Reality exists, I know, as does this challenging race for US presidency. But for now, we've got 4500 hours of seeing the best, go for their best. And it renews me, every time. Just seeing all the beauty of the world, assembled together. There is no more wondrous poem to creation.

* * *


  1. I usually avoid watching the Olympics - I am not a lover of competition nor sports. But this particular one has me transfixed for all the reasons you give here. I am hungry for unity despite differences in culture, color, and beliefs. It helps that the games are situated in a gorgeous city known for celebration and vibrance, even through hardship.

    Great post. xo

    1. You and I , we are always in the same space. xoxo

  2. YES. YES. YES! You have nailed what these Games are offering all of us. They're doing what they're supposed to: uniting the world.

  3. Ohhh, how I am missing out. I am not a huge sports watcher (participator) until the Olympics come along. I usually love watching the back stories as well as the competition and the glorious winnings .. however, this year, sadly the movers shattered our one and only TV. (We are not a big TV couple) and I am still waiting on what the settlement is. We are not suppose to move, repair (which it can't be) or purchase a new TV yet. I grab what I can from the internet.



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