Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What to Write When You Think "But My Life is Too Boring to Write About"

Think your life is one not interesting enough to write about? Wishing you had something to say from days that stretch back into what you think is ordinary?

Here's something for you to know: no one's life is ordinary and no one's days are ever without event.

I'm on BlogHer today talking about how to find the moments in our lives, and explore them for content.

Click over and give it a read, and then, what else? But start writing.

"What makes a story compelling is the feeling that you are reading over somebody's shoulder as they write in their diary, or that you're being whispered to and trusted with the words you'll soon hear...[read more on  Mining the Moments, on BlogHer]



  1. This summer has felt strangely out of the ordinary! (not always in a super summertime "yea" way). Happy to be back here peeking over your shoulder! ;)

    1. THe summer before they leave, it's disorienting, you want to be with them as much as you can, but you don't want to be creepy about it, but yes... you feel the days as they pass and you just hang on....



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