Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My New Pajamas and Plus Some Extra Stuff

Baby E's Post of The Week: I type, He speaks:

First off, these are my new pajamas. I don't like this picture because it looks like I don't have any teeth. I do.

OK, and here's the stuff.

First, this is called "Einsteiny Stuff.":

I do a lot of Einsteiny things. Not just me, but my brother does, too. The most Einsteiniest thing I did do was stepped in the shower with my socks on.

My big brother can't kinda remember the difference in the faces of his 2 principals. They're both old and with white hair.

And my brother got in the shower with his underwear on.

Once my brother came down in Einsteiny clothes for church. He put on a pair of socks that went up to his knees that were black. My other brother put on dress shoes with his basketball shorts for going out.

My mom stops us when we do this and says, "Einstein OK in the house, but not when you open that door and walk out there."

Second thing: "The Arm Trick:"

Sometimes I like to pretend that there's no blood in my arms and then I swing them around and start whacking everybody and people and then I say, "I can't stop my arms cuz they don't have any blood and I can't feel what they hit." I'm the only one who has fun and laughs when I play this game. Nobody else laughs and I'm pretty sure I know why.

Next one: "Scaredish movies":

Yeah, we watched War Games and there was this part that I knew was going to be scaredish because of the music. I put the blanket I keep on my lap so that when I hear the scaredish music come on I know to cover my face.

Next one: "Commercial Ideas":

You know how the commercials have "Sham-wow!" for sale? I asked my mom if those work like the guy said they did and if they're expensive. I think they should be called "Scam-Wow!" because stuff never works like they say it does on TV. We bought the dryer balls on TV and my mom finally just gave them to us to play with.

Last one: "Awesome Me":

I am becoming a man because I looked at my arms and I have little hairs on them. You can't hardly see them but when you pull them you feel it--ouch, I just did it--and that means they're there.

Next week I want to talk about the creepy dictionary book I have to use in school, and about how to buy stuff for your kids.

Note from Mom: Bless you all for following this little guy. I don't change a thing he says.
xoxo Empress


  1. I adore these posts.
    What a great kid.

  2. love the pjs!! and War Games can be scary. I like to cover my face during scaredish parts too. The music is very helpful!

    great post Baby E!

  3. These posts are just wonderful!

  4. I think your pajamas are awesome! Do you like having curly hair?? I think it is great!

    Your arm trick sounds good to me. Maybe you need a new audience!!

    I love your posts and always look forward to reading them!


  5. Baby E, You and those pajamas certainly are Awesome and I am an expert judge at that. You are brilliant as well and I bet your brothers wouldn't know what to do without you around : )

  6. Now, about the pic...yes, the pj's are cool and I do see your teeth, but where is the other sock? Did you leave it in the shower? Nest time I watch a scaredish movie, may I borrow your blanket? I think they should play that bloodless arm game with you! I don't think Sham Wows probably work either, and not going to waste the money to find out...if you do, let me know the results.

  7. Hi Baby E,
    My two boys try to wear Einsteiny clothes to church, and I have to send that back into the house to change, also. That's part of the job description for being a mom.

    I'm glad you've already learned to question the things you hear on television. "Scam-Wow!" is a pretty funny name.

  8. I do Einsteiny things a lot too when I'm at home. And isn't socks in the shower just a great feeling?

  9. This is so funny! Einsteiny Stuff is the perfect expression. Can't wait to hear how I too can buy my own kids stuff.

  10. Hi Baby E., I actually thought about you this holiday weekend and wondered what your mom would do about your Monday post! So glad you didn't skip it!

    Love the pjs - the blue thing looks like Stitch on steroids!

    I totally get the arms thing. My little boy likes to make himself dizzy...it's all related, right?

    What does "Eisteiny" mean? I understand from context, but I didn't know you could use it like that.

    Have a great week, and please say hi to your mom for me!

  11. Good idea to keep the Einstein moments behind closed doors...except for the blog of course. I think after reading about the arm hairs, that you should talk to mom about the "Baby" E blog name. Would you agree that it's almost time to answer to "Man" E . If your mom had a vote on the blog, I bet we would all vote to scratch the "Baby" title. It's obvious with all of your amazing observations that you are wise beyond your years.

  12. Scam wow? that's brilliant. And I do the scaredish thing too with my blanket..of course you never know when scaredish things are going to happen!

  13. Dude, awesome How to Train Your Dragon PJs! They don't even LOOK like PJs. I haven't seen the movie yet, but it has my 2 favorite Scotsmen in it and I WILL be watching. Plus, my boys won't let me live if I don't. You know... you kind of look like Shia LaBoeuf in that picture... in the Evens Stevens days.

    Heck, I need the Einstein award. I'm always doing something super-Einstein. Like putting my keys in the fridge... And *laughs* that phrase really makes you re-think the Baby Einstein movies. I let my kids watch those. Ah.. that explains a lot.

    I'm with you on the Scam-wows. And that guy just looks creepy. Ugh.

    Congrats on the arm hair. Be careful, one of these mornings you're going to wake up with a Fu-Man-Chu. Then there's all that shaving fun to contend with.

  14. How great is it that you type what they say. You'll always have these treasures, these riches!

    truly inspirational.

  15. My younger brother used to do what he called the "dead arm" thing when we were little. And it involved letting his arms go limp and bloodless and then flapping them around as though they were not only bloodless, but also boneless.

    Except there were bones, and it hurt to be hit with these "dead" brother arms.

    And he never apologized because he claimed he could not be held accountable for the mischief of his dead arms.

    My brother is a genius. Much like you.

  16. I miss my little Einsteins. They all grew up to be big Einsteins.

  17. absolutely hysterical. as you know, einsteinian deficiency in one area means genius in another.

  18. He's awesome.
    His pajamas are scary...do they have scaredish music to go with them?

  19. Oh arm hair, that is definitely a good thing to have, chest is OK too, just never ever on your back, especially if it sticks out of your shirt collar. But waxing will be an option if that happens (Mom can explain all about that). By the way, you look so much like your Mom in your PJ picture.

  20. Baby E, I think those are pretty awesome pajamas.

    And also? Scam-wow is a brilliant phrase. It is completely appropriate and true. Way to go Einstein (I don't mean that like about the socks.) I think I may have to start using that phrase.

  21. He sounds like a great kid. I love his PJ's. Thanks for stopping by the Healthy Moms!

  22. Here's a game my boy made up in pre school (but he's pretty close to your age, I bet) and still plays now and then. He presses himself up against the wall and has his big sister try and tug him off. But "I can't move... the wall has me... help....can't move...." And you have to say all that in a very drawn out, dramatic kind of voice.

    Yesterday, the same boy declared,"Wow! I have really hairy arms!!"

    Looking forward to next weeks guide to buying toys!

  23. I love the way you call it Scam-Wow. My son who is 7 wants me to buy everything he sees on tv. I can't wait till you tell us how to buy stuff for my kids. They're kinda picky.

  24. This is my first "Baby E's post." I love it!

  25. Are these a regular feature here??? Because this is genius! So funny! I love the no blood in my arms thing. I think I'll have to try that one out!

  26. Scam-wow?!! This kid comes up with such cute stuff? Let me introduce myself- hi kid! i'm a day old here. Very pleased to meet you!

    I don't think your brother is going to let you go so easily with that underwear part- watch out!

    Becoming a man?! :D Yay for you!

    Here's a high-five!

  27. The scam wow thing....so intuitive!!!!

  28. The arm trick made me snort my water. How brilliant, right, swinging that arm around with no blood in it so you can hit whoever you want and you're not responsible? I love your kid.

  29. This is further evidence that I will soon have to give my 5-year-old a regular day to post on my blog.

    Very cute kid. I mean handsome man. For goodness sakes he has arm hair.

  30. Dude, the ShamWows TOTALLY WORK! I know most of that stuff is a scam (Like Oxi Clean? NEVER gets out the baby poo stains), but the ShamWows are Awesome.

    Also? Sweet PJs. :)

  31. This is adorable!
    Maybe I can say that because I have a house of boys too... LOL

  32. Yay for Baby E's posts! I can't wait to read about the creepy dictionary book!

  33. I LOVE this idea! Genius. Your son is a riot!
    Following you now!


  34. To Baby E: I see some teeth peaking out!

    To Mom: You are amazing for letting your son tell his story, and not censoring him. Kudos to you!

  35. Can't wait to use "Einsteiny" in conversation. A lot.

  36. Love your blog page, its awesome! thanks for checking out my little ramblings on my page :)

    Hope to hear from you again :)

  37. Yo Dude! Love the pjs. I do the same thing with scaredish parts of movies only I cover my ears too. I just know there's going to be screaming or some monster noises to give me nightmares.

    I can't wait for your advice about how to buy stuff for kids. Keep on truckin'.

  38. I almost didn't recognize you in your pj's, you look so much older! Your teeth looked fine, I have a really big smile so sometimes that is all you see is my teeth! (thank goodness my mom made me get braces) I wonder about Sham-Wow too, I got the Slap Chopper thinking it would make my life so much easier but it totally didn't and it takes a long time to clean!

  39. Wow. Your PJ's are great. BTW, the dictionary is scary. Keep away! I liked what you do when the scary music begins. I used my hands before. But, now I look at everything scary and laugh it off. I don't get sleep that night though!:)

    Nice post Baby E!:)

  40. Sham Wows don't work, sadly. My husband HAD to buy them and he was all, "Hmm, not working?"

    Cute PJs!! My son loved that Dragon movie.

  41. Scam Wow !!!! LOL! That is one smart little dude you have.

    BTW.. Im your newest stalker.. errr ummm I mean follower and Ive snagged your badge too.

  42. The next time I'm having a bad day I'm going to try that arm trick. It could come in handy-- Get it... hand-y--- smack.

  43. Loved this E..and I really do need some tips on how to buy stuff for kids...what better place to learn then from an expert adorable kid?

    Now stop pulling those arm hairs (-:

  44. Thank you, Baby E, for the interview today.

    The Royal Scribe for the Minor Duchy of Graphic

  45. I like the pajamas, and yes I can see your teeth.
    The hair under your arms is probably more like peach fuzz but that means pretty soon you will get to braid the hair when it grows in full and long. Smile.

  46. Cool new PJ's Baby E! Loved your post as always & totally can't wait to hear your advice on buying stuff for kids:)

  47. OMG, I love the arm swing game. I am so going to try it tomorrow!

  48. I love this kid. I would laugh at the arm game too. From afar.

  49. Thanks to all who came and saw Baby E this week! He enjoys the comments, and it is his thrill to do this.

    Next week he'll be advising and reviewing toys and games and books for summer. Very seriously, too, since he asked for a "research" trip to Target this morning.

    We will see you next week: signed, Baby E's R&D Funding/Transportation/Product Review

  50. First off, let me just say that is a rockin pajama shot. And second, you are definitely becoming a man. I can see those arm hairs from right here.

  51. Dear Everybody: Thank you all for your sweet comments. Baby E loves reading them, and thinks you're all so funny.

    He is very happy he started blogging.




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