Monday, December 5, 2011

Fair Games Aren't Fair, Also Video Arcade Games Aren't Fair, Either

It's Monday, Baby E's post day; he posts here when he feels he needs to.

He's been practicing all weekend to outsmart the county fairs this summer. He tells you how and why today.

If you're new to Baby E's Posts, he posts on Mondays. You can go here to read his first post.

Thank you, as always, for listening. He is so lucky to have a place to go with all these feelings he has. Thank you for that.

Come on, kid, Guaranteed Prize every time...
I was practicing today for when the carnival comes back in the summer. I am going to be ready. I have a plastic cup and two ping pong balls and I am practicing since when I started on Friday.

Because I never win at carnival games. BUT, and there are a lot of buts, once I got 3006000 tickets and still didn't win anything. At another tent place.

Here is another BUT: they put gigantic prizes that are so hard to get just so you can envy them and try so hard to get them. AND spend money cuz that's what they want you to do.

Well, first of all, I would like to point out that there is ONE fair place: but "one" in out of a million.

Dave & Buster's.

I got a little Angry Birds Plush there, that's about 6 inches tall, for 600 tickets and you can get 600 tickets in only like playing 5 games and getting only a medium score.

This is a GOOD but: one time I got only 3,600 tickets at DAVE & BUSTER'S, cuz they're a great place, and for only 3,600 tickets I got an Angry Birds Plush, which I talked about before, a rainbow slinky--no, orange and white, and it was really, really long and cool.  And I got a fake bug that is really annoying. And two robot shaped erasers, and a nerds rope.

With only 3,600 tickets, that's why that's a good place.

At outdoor fair games, there was this one game where they said, "all you have to do is hit that target over with this ball and you get a prize," but they don't tell you the target is 20 feet away and the target is tiny. And that you have to hit it at the exact right center.

So, I tried to win a prize, and I threw the ball and it hits it smack in the middle BUT (and this is another bad but) the game guy says "You MISSED!" And then I don't believe it.  BUT I hit it right in the middle and he said you missed. And I know I didn't.

And then I tell everyone that is not a fair game place because I saw it hit the middle.

And then there's this other game at the fair where you have to sink a ping pong ball into a little cup and you win a hermit crab but the ball always bounces right out.

That's the one I'm practicing for.


ALSO: you should get these books for your kids for Christmas. There are books in a series:  Wayside School Books. Every page makes me laugh.


Thank you, Baby E!

**I'm also happy and excited to be guest posting for my wonderful friend, Sober Julie, today. She is celebrating her one year Blogoversary. Sober Julie is a woman who has a life story to tell that will live in your heart, always. I hope you'll stop over and wish Julie a happy one year anniversary of so many things.

Thank you, Julie, for including me in the celebration of your new life. It is a pleasure.  


  1. Baby E, you're really wise for your age. Even some adults can't figure out that these fair games, simply aren't fair.

    I wish you good luck, I hope you win some nice prizes!

    Also, thanks for the book recommendation!

  2. Baby E -- I'm glad you're still practicing for the game, but I'm more glad that you know the majority of the games are a rip off (still doesn't make you not want to outsmart it, win, and be able to say SO THERE! to the lame guys running the fair, though right? Right).

    Thanks for the books suggestion, too!

  3. Dave and Busters is such a fun place!

    I love the Wayside School books.

  4. I have been saying for a loooong time now we have to get my 9 y.o. Ethan together with your Baby E. Ethan loves the Wayside School books, too. Should we take a road trip this summer?

  5. Baby E, I for one, feel your pain because I have never really won anything in whatever game place I happened to go to. Even my 7 yr-old daughter has won more prizes than I do--sad, I know.

    But hey, since we all know that most of the games are a rip-off anyways, might as well save some of that money to get what we really want, right? ;)

  6. What a great post! As others have said above, it's amazing that you've caught on to the scams at the 'fair' at your age. But at the same time, I love your can-do attitude with the practicing for next year. And I love that you can talk so clearly about the guy who told you you'd missed when you hadn't. Looking forward to your next post.

  7. Love to catch up with you, Baby E! You've reminded me why I have to stay away from those games!

  8. fairs are certainly mis-named as they often rig the games and there is a trick to getting it to stick...but practice might help as well...i do like the fair though, so many people to see and fun to be had...we dont have a dave and busters so i am a little sad at that...we have something a bit similar about an hour away...we need to go there soon...

  9. Yup, those midway games just aren't fair. Though I used to rock the ping pong ball into the fish bowls. Only it was goldfish as the prize back then, not hermit crabs.

  10. I won a goldfish and it promptly dies thus ending my attempts to win anything ever at a fair.

  11. We love Louis Sachar at our house, too! Have you read his book "Holes?"

  12. Practice up, Baby E! Those games will never be fair at some of those places, so you'll be good and ready for the ones that are!

  13. I read the Wayside School books when I was a kid and loved them, and my daughter (she is 8) recently read one and really enjoyed it.

    Those midway games are really not fair. Long before we were married, and before I knew him, my husband used to work at the fair running a game booth. So he knows all the tricks and things they do to make sure people don't win.

  14. I completely forgot about Wayside books. I sort of want to rush out to buy myself some. The kids will benefit from these impulses some day.

  15. Maybe you should work on a fair game that is fair--I bet your friends would like to play it! We had a carnival game birthday party when my daughter turned 9. We gave out tickets, but didn't tell anyone that you really got to pick one toy from every batch at the end, no matter what. Have you read any of the Dan Gutman books, like Miss Holly is too Jolly, amd Miss Daisy is Crazy? My son was a big Geronimo Stilton fan.

  16. Baby E you rock. This reminds me of that awesome scene in Despicable Me..."knocked over!" Sorry!!! LOL.

    I had never heard of those books...I was a scholastic girl, but I will be checking them out now.

  17. Baby E, I know how you feel. I never win at carnival games either! Thanks for the book recommendation, I was looking for a good book for my nephew and now I think I'll go with this series!

  18. You are SO right! Those carnival games are TOTALLY rigged. I bet you hit that target right in the middle. Oh well. You'll get 'em next time :)

  19. Baby E, I never ever win at those games either. We should get together sometime and practice.

  20. Oh, Baby E, you're the best - and carnival games are the worst and so not fair. They just take your money and run. Okay, so they don't run. They just sit there and rub it in your face that they have your money.

    But maybe I should check out Dave & Buster's?

  21. Hi Baby E - I agree carnival games aren't fair....but I hope you have fun practicing! I'm excited that you won an Angry Birds Plush and Dave & Busters...I like Angry Birds!

  22. Carnival games have stolen too many of my dollars...but I just can't stay away.

  23. I love reading your perspective, Baby E! Those fair games are definitely NOT fair. They should be called the Unfair Games. Also, I love your advice about the funny book. I will remember that!

  24. Poor Baby E! But at least you got your Angry Bird. Which color?

  25. I absolutely remember wanting to play the carnival games, endlessly, when I was a kid - and I remember being constantly pissed at them (I actually watched a documentary in high school about how they're rigged).

    A few years ago, I was "big" in Big Brothers / Big Sisters and I took my "little" to Hershey Park. I gave him $20 spending money - souvenirs, food, whatever he wanted.

    20 minutes into the park, he'd spent it all on games.


  26. I can't believe those carnival jerks cheated you out of your prize! I would have been so mad, too. I hope you win a crab, this year. Keep practicing. You're awesome.

  27. I love that you let your son post! My daughter is 8 and keeps asking me for her own blog. They're doing a class blog in school so I've thought about letting her write her own posts, but you just made up my mind for me :) Thank you!

  28. Baby E, I'm so glad you have Dave & Busters to play games at - carny fold are notoriously shifty.

    Enjoy your plush!

  29. Baby E,

    The thing is, there will be a lot of people in your life who will show you "gigantic prizes that are so hard to get just so you can envy them and try so hard to get them."

    At least metaphorically.

    But because you are smart (and have a great mama who shows you what's really worth trying for) you will focus on prizes that matter.

    So you're already a winner.

    (Plus you have Dave & Busters. Double win!)

    Good luck and have fun!


  30. Those fair games aren't fair! And the ping pong ball one sounds really, really hard! But then again, winning a hermit crab might be fun . . .

  31. Keep trying, E. But you know where you're already winning over them? In the match of personal hygiene...

  32. Baby E, I sure hope you win a hermit crab.

  33. Hi Baby E, it's your cousin-brother g-man. I just wanted to say that the Wayside books you suggested are AWESOME! Thank you so much. We'll see you this summer!



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