Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Mom Is Really Cool But She Gets Crazy About TV Shows

It's Monday, and my youngest, Baby E., has decided to start posting again. He began posting on Mondays two years ago, and has taken some time off.  But he felt the urge to get back online tonight. Thank you for welcoming him and giving him your time today.
It means a lot.


Hi. It's been a long time since I was here because I felt very very sick for the past weeks. I was so sick that every five minutes I would go GREEN in my face (put that green in all caps, mom). But I trudged on anyway.

Mom and Dad made me go to school.

And on vacation to Washington, D.C. on vacation. That's all I want to say about me. But we went to so many places on vacation: Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and museums, and the World War II Memorial, and the National Zoo.

We went to Washington because my big brother got into a special school there. So we went there.

This is my big brother

Believe it or not, I was so sick I didn't want to go to the gift shops or kick rocks when I walked. Usually I kick rocks all the time when I walk and my mom tells me that's why my shoes never last.

Ok, now I'm done talking about being sick.

I barfed on the plane.


There and back.

Now I'm done talking about that.

Now I will get to how my mom is crazy about TV shows.

Whenever people act really dumb or fake she gets really mad. She yells at the TV, "What are you doing? Don't try to guess the sausage names! What are you thinking?" My dad says, "Yeah, yell at the TV because they can hear you." It always makes us laugh. She went crazy tonight with Amazing Race.

I like books A LOT still. So much that at school on Friday I wanted to go to a book store, not for toys, just books, and all day I just wanted to go to a book store. I am reading The Spy X series, "Hide and Seek," by Peter Lerangis. There are four books so far. I like the books because they're mysterious. Like The 39 Clues. (Book 10 of The 39 Clues was awesome).

I like to read so much that I even read the juice carton when it's on the table.

What makes me mad when I get books from the library is when they have food stains on them, or pages are torn, or the cover is ripped, or pages coming off. People need to take care of books because you want others to read them when you use the library books. It'll be your turn and you don't want a dirty ripped up book. I wish you could know who took the book out last because I would tell them.

Once, I waited for a book from the library and it took like six months -- no lie -- and then I asked about it and they said they didn't have it anymore because "it was damaged beyond repair." BEYOND. Can you believe that?

The book was The Sherlock Files, Book four (there are four of them).

I am better now and played soccer today.

If you have questions about my vacation or the books I read, please tell me.

Oh. My brother got a 3DS for Christmas and it's super cool. I'll do that post later because I have like SO MUCH to say about it. Like crazy, so much.

One thing I'll tell you about it:  it's amazing. ( I have a million things to say).

And I have to tell you about the time I got hives after I ate 24 packs of Skittles.

Bye. I'm still sick a little bit so I can't help clean up at night yet. My brothers are cleaning up now.


*I only feel good enough to read my book.

P.S. What else I really don't like about books is when they make it into a cliffhanger. A cliffhanger and the next book isn't even out yet. I go crazy when that happens, like my mom does with Amazing Race.

Book Four of Spy X just ended -- it's a cliffhanger!!



  1. My parents took me to Washington, D.C. when I was a kid. I really liked it! What was your favorite part of the trip? When we went, we took a train instead of an airplane, and on our way there it got stuck in a blizzard up in the mountains. We ran out of water waiting for them to clear the tracks so the workers on the train had to go out and get giant buckets of snow to melt in the microwaves so we could flush the toilets. It was fun.

    I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. Glad you're better now!

  2. I am bouncing in my seat--Baby E is back! Glad you are feeling a bit better, but sorry about your folks making you go to school. We get like that after vacations, sometimes. What is your big bro's school like? DC is a great town. Lots to see and do. Worth a couple of barfs? Hope so. Your mom should scream at tv during Amazing Race when annoying cries-at-anything girl finds even salami too terrible to bear. And it was so cool when Boomhauer didn't get eliminated

  3. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hope you are on the road to recovery! The only way I would scream at Amazing Race, is if I was forced to watch it. LOL!

  4. I go crazy when there is a cliffhanger and the next book isn't out yet, either. It is a real test of patience.

    The book was damaged beyond repair?? That is so very sad.

    Books are like special friends who tell you stories, and you should should take good care of them. I'm glad to hear that you are careful with books.

  5. Hi E! I think it's awesome that you like books so much. Reading is one of my all-time favourite things to do!

    Have you read the Artemis Fowl books? If you haven't you should check them out! It's one of my favourite series and I bet you'd like it too.

  6. I like that you like books, Baby E. I love books. So much so, I usually start a new book by smelling it first. I know, weird.

    Hope you're feeling better every day and tell your Mom to please stop yelling at the TV.

    Glad to see you posting again!

  7. Welcome back E! So sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. I have to admit that the lady ion the gree skirt on the Amazing Race makes me yell at the tv a lot too. Plus, I think my kids are going to excuse me from watching any more Survivor this season for the same much yelling! I was wondering if you read the Mysteroius Benedict Society series? Glad you had a good vacation, minus the throw up and lack of rock kicking!

  8. e,

    nice...we are reading harry potter here. logan is enjoying it. we are on the second book. we have spy X waiting for when we are done. i found them at the used bookstore.

    i would go to a book store any day.

    like alison, i smell my books. they smell amazing.

    sadly, i must tell you i have yelled at the tv.

    hope you feel better.

    so what was your favorite part of DC. we live about 3 hours from there and i just took a kid i hang out with a few months back. also took the boys to the spy museum around the same time for spyfest. that was really cool.

    great to see a post by you today!


  9. What is amazing, E, is that most people who live here (I live in DC) haven't visited those memorials, museums, or the zoo (did you enjoy the hills at the zoo? DID YOU?). Residents kind of take local stuff for granted; I'm glad you got to go.

    Oh, the library! I love the library (it's why I rarely buy books though). And ruining books is a big issue. My daughters are 8 and 11 and both get this really crazed look when books are falling apart or missing pages or have pages torn or are all bent up or haven't been returned and they're next on the list to get it. They can't understand why people don't realize someone else has to read it (or that it's not their personal property to destroy or forget about). There was an amnesty program (where your debts are forgiven) here recently. Some books were returned over 20,000 library items (CDs, DVDs, etc. were included w/books). One book had been checked out since 1978!

    I'm glad that you enjoy reading. But, I'm with you with the cliffhangers. Sometimes, when I know there's going to be a sequel, I wait until that's out before I read the first and then read them back to back.

  10. Yay for Baby E being well enough to post!

    I have to read everything all the time, too. I can't stop. And cliffhangers make me crazy, so I'm glad when I start reading something when the whole series is finished, so I can just read them all the way through. But I usually can't wait for that to happen.

  11. you would fit right in my house...5 boys, all readers too.

  12. Wow. Great post. Thank you. Many many of us are trying to write as simply, directly, from the heart as you do. I wonder if that's cause you're a reader...?

    And I love your clarity about it being everyone's responsibility to take care of library books. Seeing the signs in the library or hearing from adults about that subject never touched me once. In fact, it always sort of irritated me. Hearing it from you, with such clear and compelling reasons, I could actually get passionate about the subject.

  13. "I barfed twice.

    Now I'm done talking about that."

    :-) I laughed out loud.


  14. Hiya E!

    Have you been sick? I'm sorry, and sorrier still that your MEAN PARENTS made you go to school sick. You should tell them about the time my husband (when he was a little boy, of course) told his mom he was sick and she didn't believe him and made him go to school and when he got there he had to start the fire and clean out all the ashes and some of them were still smoking and he threw up into the ash bucket and some of the hot ashes flew up and hit him in the face and he got burned horribly and it was all his mom's fault for sending him to school when he was sick.

    Ummm....I guess that story's not really relevant to today, is it? Bad example. Maybe you should just forget that one.

    Anyway, I'm happy you feel like posting and so agree about people not taking care of books. I HATE it when I loan a book out and it comes back to me with corners folded down and little scribble marks on the edges and even dog bites on the corner!!!!! UGH!

    And yelling at the TV: I don't do that, but my sister does and I think it's so funny. Sometimes, though, I DO clap my hands or laugh out loud and shout, "YES!" if something really great happens. Like last week on The Office when Andy decided to go to Florida and get Erin.

    Keep reading and writing E!

  15. haha! i was yelling about them guessing the sausage names too! my mom and i enjoy watching the show together. she is from italy. we were having a blast, especially with the fellas from kentucky try and pronounce italian words:)
    e, shoes wear out no matter what. keep kicking. that's between you and me.

  16. Glad you're back, Baby E.

    And I'll tell you a secret (in honor of your sharing so much good stuff with us - like how you ate 24 packs of Skittles? That is a lot more than I'd ever even try).

    Anyway, my secret is this:

    I love the Amazing Race and I, too, may talk to the television while I'm watching it. Mostly I get frustarted when the contestants are mean to each other.

    I think, "Hey! You're getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the world and do SUPERCOOL stuff and instead of soaking it up and being grateful you're just mad your partner couldn't balance a ball on her head?"


    I'll also admit I could never go on that show. I know I would want my husband to do all the scary challenges and pretty much all the other challenges, too. (Except maybe the food ones. I can eat a lot. And quickly.)

    So if they ever have a Rock-kicking, Skittle-Eating Amazing Race, you should enter with your mom.

    She may be crazy, but she's cool.
    For sure.

    p.s. I hope you feel 100% better soon and that everyone appreciates would always take care of all the books. The end.

  17. Hi Baby's nice to see round these parts again.

    So you liked Washington DC? I haven't been there in a long time..but I'm looking forward to taking the kiddos there in a few years.

    I throw up on planes too...or on buses or in the backseat of cars. I don't do well in anything that moves LOL

    I yell at the TV too...but I don't watch reality tv like your mom . I yell at Law and Order and 5he good Wife. My husband yells at the Hocky players on his beloved NY Rangers..and I say to them "ummm honey they can't hear you". You'll see as you get older, you'll do the same thing.

    Hope you are feeling much better soon , stomach icks are so hard to get over .

    Say hi to your mom for me!

  18. You are so lucky. When I was a kid, if I was too sick to work, I was too sick to play or read. If I didn't help carry in the firewood (we had so much - it took us a couple of hours each week because that's how we heat our house) I didn't get to go sledding or read The Chronicles of Narnia. Your parents are very nice.

    You've grown a lot - I can see it from your picture! :-) I hope you are permanently and positively well very soon.

  19. The whole thing was great ... but 24 PACKS OF SKITTLES. I feel kind of barfy just thinking about that!!

  20. Ha! I do the same thing with the TV. I am certifiable and talk to the TV all the time. Also? I get sick on planes. Take Dramamine next time. You'll be fine.

  21. I'm so glad you're back, Baby E! You're my home skillet. Sorry you've been sick. It sucks mega bad. I was just sick and had to have a shot in the butt. Hope you didn't. It wasn't a lot of fun. I've never been to Washington DC. I've never been on a commercial plane. You're too cool to hang out with me. But I am 1000% with you on the library books. They need some respect, too!! Feel better soon!!!!!!!!! ***fist bumps***

  22. I missed you around these parts Baby E. I'm really sorry that you puked. Wanna hear a funny story? My 3 year old puked in the bathtub last night. No that's not funny that he's sick. But I had to reach my hand into the puke water to pull the plug and the plug was stuck. I had puke all up my arm. And...AND my kid laughed at me ;)
    I love that you are really into reading books. Keep that mind open to an amazing world of words and you'll learn so much and will go very far in life.
    Trust me ;)

  23. A secret, I have no patience for the book thing either ...
    so I just have to wait til the author is done with them all so that I can read them all at once.
    We cannot discuss barfing, since I just ate three candy bars.
    It will not end well.

  24. "I like to read so much that I even read the juice carton when it's on the table." Baby E, you and I are similar that way :) I do that whenever I grab a lunch out all by myself without a book in hand :) I wish my daughter loves reading as much as you do, but from the looks of it, she prefers running around outdoors.

    I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better now. Turning green every five minutes is definitely no fun. Perhaps you should stay away from Skittles for a while. Eating 24 packs of Skittles tend to make me sick too.

    Regarding your mom yelling at the TV, I used to wonder why my mother did that when I was young. But you know what, nowadays I often caught myself yelling at people on TV too. Hmm, I think it has something to do with age and getting older. You see, for us mommies, that's sort of our way of living vicariously through other people's experiences. It's just that sometimes we got carried away, is all ;)

    Keep on reading and writing, Baby E!


  25. I've missed your stories, Baby E!
    Your reading {instead of the toy store} is to be applauded. A reader will be able to go many places...either physically or just in your mind. I love sharing good books with my boys, too - they're younger than you, though.

    Hope you feel better, can't wait to hear your thoughts on the DS. My 6 year old has one and his little brother is amazed by it.

  26. So glad that you're back Baby E! I've missed you!
    I love books too and get very frustrated when they aren't treated with respect. We are teaching our daughter to treat them carefully and not to tear the pages or step on them.
    I'm so glad that you already know this.
    I look forward to hearing more from you and hope you feel better soon.

  27. Baby E has 2 year blog burnout. As do I. He came back with greater things to say than I, though.

  28. Hahaha, I love your posts, especially this one!

    I actually DO have a question about books for you: Which are the best ones? I have a just-turned 8 year old boy who in many ways is similar to you (I bet you two would get along). What do you recommend?? Seriously, if you have time, can you ask your mom to email me?? I am planning on homeschooling him this summer!

    Second, I am so sorry to hear you were so sick! I hope you get better soon!

    Third, I totally agree with you about books! One time I was made to pay $14 by the library for hot pink marker stains that they said my son made! He did not! I fought back and ever since then I report every damage - every stain, every wrinkle - that I see. I love my books in PERFECT shape and am very neurotic about it.

    Finally, I yell at the tv too. It's very satisfying even though the only people who hear me is my family!!



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