Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh, Adele,

Our cathartic crooner, Adele. We are at risk, America, World, have you been to her blog lately? SHE'S HAPPY.

I couldn't stand by while we are in peril of losing this woman that always makes me feel so cleansed after a good cry no matter what song of hers comes on the radio. I felt a call to action, and Voila.

My post today, at Aiming Low, an Open Letter To Adele's Attending Physician. I hope he can save her, for us.

Aiming Low, strive for the mediocre.



  1. Maybe tears of joy (or envy) will be next for us when we listen to Adele? But maybe happy songs would cause he to sing in an entirely different are right, this is perilous!

  2. I clicked over...I laughed. You are too funny!

  3. Following you over now. My love for Adele knows no bounds.

  4. Just imagine how her tune might change with, dare I say it... marriage and babies???

  5. Adele, sigh, the best. We must keep her miserable in order to keep the songs coming.

  6. Loved your post at Aiming Low, as always.

    But now I must pray that my 15-year-old nephew doesn't ever read my comment.




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