Friday, April 13, 2012

Avoiding Hoarders

I really don't have it too bad. My kids are pretty funny, listen to me forty percent of the time, and we have plenty to eat.

But it's that last one, the *having plenty to eat* that translates to my husband as me take good care of family.

Read how this well intentioned part of him may just have us up as the next episode of Hoarders.

Avoiding Hoarders, my post up today, at Aiming Low: where we strive for imperfection.



  1. I would go on Hoarders willingly if my husband would buy me one of those new posturepedic mattress pictured in your post.

    We still sleep on my parents' hand-me-down bed.
    More horrifying than boxed wine, for sure.

  2. There is a store near us that does a lot of 10/$10 deals, but the items are still just $1 each even if you buy, let's say 4...suffice to say, the man of the house isn't going to be sent there anymore! I have nev seen anyone with such a need to stock up on licorice either! I am sorry to hear that you do not have gold surplus in storage...where was he with that ten years ago...can you imagine?!

  3. As a hoarder, I'm keeping my mouth shut... except to say that ring would take up a lot less room than all that other stuff!



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