Friday, December 7, 2012

50 Shades Of Tell Me More About How Much You Saved

Know what sounds as sultry as "Santa Baby" to my husband around this time of year? Special talk, talk like "I saved half off and got buy one get one on the kids' shoes today." He low throats growls to "Chicken breasts were 4 dollars a pound so I bought and froze enough to last us through February."

Victoria Who? The only secrets my husband wants to know come from one of the three stores in town that has General Mills cereals 5 for 10 dollars this week.

That's my husband's sexy time talk: how much did I save him and did I go to the store on double coupon day. He is counting down the days until we get our Senior Sunday discount.

50 Shades of Money, that's the book he'd write. And I've got excerpts of the chapter outlines on my post this week, brought to you via Aiming Low; 50 shades of Pay.


  1. He and my Mum would get along swimmingly! She's worked out that saying she's a pensioner will get her discounts just about everywhere, even places where they don't actually HAVE pensioner discounts. She's shameless ... but she does save an absolute fortune.

  2. Ohhhhhh, that is one sexy man you've got there! Seriously! Saving money turns me on.

  3. Sometimes saving $ is sexy talk. Off to check this out now :)

  4. i think he and i would get along VERY well...

  5. Ahahahaha! I love this. I have to admit, though, especially around this time of year, savings are super sexy.



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