Monday, December 10, 2012


Again, the internet rules. Wonderful reading, a little bit of everything for the body and the soul, just like a bottomless issue of Oprah.

This week's In Case You Missed It, you know--in case you missed it:

--Dana, from The Kitchen Witch, is a favorite blogger of mine. She mixes in mouth watering recipes with a narrative that'll hook you in. A pleasant blog stop, always. She writes beautifully, and that along with a little something to cook up for dinner--you can't miss. Also, she has the most hilarious guest poster there today sharing her favorite made up snacks. (totally my thing)

-- There's voting going on! FunnynotSlutty, a must stop collective humor blog for anytime you're looking for some fun for yourself or for your blog. FnS has videos, posts, topics, parodies, songs, to feature on your site. I've been introduced to some great bloggers and artists through FnS. FnS has started their voting for Funniest on the Planet: and you can vote for favorite comic, songwriter, best show, favorite web series, best book, best blogger that made you laugh out loud. There are some neat categories too, like favorite commenter. Click on over and cast your favorite a vote. Funny not Slutty Best on Planet Awards, sponsored by my favorite webseries, The Louise Log.


Voting is OPEN.
-- If you look on my sidebar, you'll see a button for The Louise Log. The Louise Log is a mini web series, with episodes about 5 or 7 minutes long that tell a complete story each time. Featuring Louise, an overthinking overanalyzing, self doubting yet had it up to here heroine. She takes on the world and all it throws at her, standing up for herself along the way and always managing to come out endearing. I love The Louise Log. One of my favorite episodes, because it sounds like someone stuck a mic in my head:  How To Be Woman.

--Even though this video has been around since May 2011, I just discovered it now, via my kids. Clark the Talking Dog, a dubbed in dog's voice and his taunting master telling him about some delicious made up snacks that Clark can't have. "You're killing me." I need to tear myself away because even after 5 times of watching Clark the Dog lick his lips expectantly while he hears of the bacon, "the maple kind?" going into a concoction, I have to watch it again. Really funny.

Have a great week!



  1. ah you get my vote anytime...smiles...happy monday!

  2. I'll have to check out Kitchen Witch, I like the name!

  3. I'm voting for sure!
    Happy holidays,

  4. As usual, great recommendations. I'm all about concocting my own food blends.



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