Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Memories

I have a quiet piece up today, at TikiTikiBlog, where I am proud to contribute monthly.

My mood is a reflective one this week, and the words I've written of a childhood memory, Black Velvet, say what I've long felt in my heart.

Childhood lives on in us forever.




  1. Off to read your words now, beautiful girl. XOXO

  2. You manage to seamlessly float between an empress and a queen.nwhat a beautiful memory of your fancy dress, and a wonderful tradition you've created for your boys to reflect on years from now.

    1. Oh, Andrea: that play does me in every year. And my two oldest have grown into it. Baby E still doesn't get excited about going, but he goes. They know I look forward to it, and love it so much. We get our tickets when they're 50 percent off-and it becomes something that is a gift for Xmas to all of us.

  3. Replies
    1. THank you, lady. And now it's way overdue time to catch up with you. Iappreciate your faithful patience with me as I work my way through with the busy holiday here.

      Merry Christmas!



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