Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This Trail's Been Blazed

Truly, I think that among the last words I'll whisper through parched lips on my death bed, you'll hear "I love the internet."

The awesome internet. How in the world else could I have met someone like Daphne Brogdon, of coolmom. com? Snowball's chance in hell of ever meeting someone in real life who made me laugh out loud, kept me company, and encouraged me to start a blog, the way that she did. I followed Daphne home to her website after seeing her on an Oprah segment about mommy bloggers. I'm drawn to funny people like my ten year old is drawn to the Costco size drums of Swedish Fish. And Daphne was the perfect mix of irreverent, intelligent, and fast on her feet.

And here's the amazing part of my internet life: four years after meeting her online, then meeting her in person at BlogHer three years ago, we're friends. Emailing, tweeting, people who like each other, friends.

Daphne is on vacation with her children this week and asked me to guest on her blog. I'm joyfully there, hosting "Teen Week." Since she is the mother of two children under the age of six, I feel it's only fair to pay back her kind deed of making me smile through some grim winter months -- by giving her a peek of the fun times that will be here sooner than she knows.

I'd love for you to stop by and meet Daphne. She's a beautiful down to earth woman, who does some knock out funny videos and blogs about current issues and pop culture with a quick as a whip brain. So, click over and get smart and laugh at the same time.

 Daphne Brogdon, TV host and standup comic, has appeared on numerous television series, she has hosted “The X show” on FX, “Perfect Partner” on Discovery and “The Fashion Team” on TV Guide and various other basic cable shows.  Since creating coolmom.com she has been on Dr. Phil, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN Headline, MSNBC, and the Ricki Lake show.

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  1. I'll definitely check her blog out! It's awesome of you to help out while she's on vacation :)

  2. Alexandra, that was hilarious! You are such a great example. At the least, that scene will play out in your son's head every time he speeds or is thinking about it. My bet? He'll chuckle and slow down. Good family storytelling - that one will be passed down for generations :-)



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