Thursday, April 4, 2013

Three Minutes of Reasons on Why I Love Ann Imig and The LTYM Movement

The Listen To Your Mother shows. Happening across 24 cities this May.

If you're on Facebook or twitter, you've heard about them. Those of us involved with them or in love with them, try to explain what an LTYM show is, but it takes us 15,000 words. Founder and National Director, Ann Imig, does it here in three minutes.

Click play and watch, if only for her luminescent skin.

* * *


  1. I've seen this video posted on Facebook SO many times but I never took the 3 minutes to watch until I came here. I think that's because I felt like we were watching together with huge lumps in our throats. It was so much more fun than watching it alone.

  2. smiles....very cool
    would still like to see this if it was close to me...i dunno why after best selling authors she did not say, and the empress was in it...ha...

    hi to e

  3. Her skin really is luminescent.

  4. Seriously.

    Someone that talented shouldn't also have such beautiful skin.
    And hair.

    The universe. She doesn't dole it out evenly now, does she.


  5. By coincidence my mother has been very much on my mind and I could truly use a dose of this show this week. It's such a cool concept!

  6. She is one awesome woman. With beautiful skin.

  7. So glad you shared this. Learning about LTYM has been on my to do list. There's a KC show, and I'm going to buy my ticket to witness this live :)

    And who knows, maybe next year, I'll audition.

  8. I am so thrilled how many of my bloggy peeps are involved and/or supporting LTYM this year! As for me? I'm hoping not to trip or pee on stage. It's important to have dreams.

  9. St. Louis is excited for our first LTYM show--Saturday, May 11, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., St. Luke's Institute for Health Education, in Chesterfield. To see more info please visit



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