Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What The Heck I'm Just Going To Post My Haiku

Telling you about
the peace of five seven five
found in lines of three
I have grown and blossomed into my true self since beginning blogging.

I no longer hide who I am in hopes of not offending, being rejected, judged.

Ack, who knows, maybe it's not blogging to thank, but age.

Whatever the route that's led me to myself, I'm here to tell you that I like haiku.

And my kids love haiku because as soon as they could clap out syllables and count to seven, I taught them the fun of laying them out in lines of three. We wait our turn in check out lines or in dentist's waiting rooms, and we haiku our time away.

Haiku 101: so you get what floats my boat: 5-7-5 syllable count on three separate lines.

Like this:

So you want to know
The secret to finding sleep
Go to bed when tired

I fully realize no one may be reading this post at all, and you know what? Writing haiku is so much fun that's okay!

There will come the time
When my house will be so clean
I'll take the kids, thanks

Have I whet your appetite?

Knocking at the door
Me in pj's and slippers
Can you please leave now?

I've been thinking in haiku (shuttup, it can be a language) ever since my third grade teacher, Mrs. Sproul, mapped some examples out on the green blackboard for our class. Smitten, entranced, I couldn't wait to run home and pull my notebook out from under my bed and do some more.

I tried to teach it to my Spanish grandmother and it went over like a lead balloon. Yeah. She'll take the Romeo and Julietness of Pablo Neruda any day.

"Loving is so short, but the forgetting is so long."

She's right, if it's the physical ache that words can bring you seek, then maybe, no, haiku won't cut it.

I like my thoughts like me: simple and easily amused. Pain free. Like haiku.

Thank you so much for reading here today. Stay tuned for more adventures in growth and maturation when next week Ima tell you about my unabashed love for bluegrass music.

So, go on, dig out the Pure Prairie League cassettes and meet me back here.


If you dig haiku like I do, two must follows on FB and twitter are @suburbanhaiku and @haikuvents.

* * *


  1. Color me impressed! Bravo...Bravo...and one more...Bravo!


  2. Pure Prairie League? You must be my age.

  3. Pure Prairie League? You must be my age.

  4. I will not rest until I have mastered the haiku.

  5. I keep thinking I should learn to haiku.
    You inspire me!! xoxo

  6. Love this even when Haiku seems like a Martians to me ;)

  7. ha. ha. when you start
    thinking in poetry you
    have problems...i do...


    1. It's so fun, B. HAPPY TO SEE YOU. On my way to catch up. xo

  8. Reading your writing
    makes me fall in love with you
    every single time.

    1. I do love following you on twitter and FB, Peyton. You spread joy and make my day.

  9. Dude. That was hai-KOOL.


    1. Anna, how are you??? I need to catch up. I will. But you know, LTYM this Sunday!!

  10. I have never been good at haikus sadly, but I'm impressed with your haikuing.

    This line (in non haiku) I love for it is so true, "Loving is so short, but the forgetting is so long."

  11. I love the one about the house and the kids, my favorite.

    Love writing haiku
    Just to impress you, Empress
    How well did I do?

    I tried! :-)

  12. Ooh!haiku is cool but Bluegrass is pure American awesomeness. I'll be there with my banjo on my knee.

  13. Vagueness can become
    A distillation of thought
    Bringing clarity

    Yeah. They're fun.

  14. I sent my fiancé on a hunt for his birthday presents last year. All of the clues were haikus. It was amazing.

  15. HAH. This is too funny. I just thanked Smacksy for writing 'haiku blogs' (an exaggeration - they're not haikus, I meant 'short') and then I come over here and you're writing haikus!! I love that you're more and more yourself, that you don't care what people think! You're not old enough for it to be 'age' though, I suspect that you've earned your freedom. XXX

    1. My friend, Anne Flournoy. You are so wonderful. I love that you call Smacksy's posts haiku. funny.

  16. Brain is fried alas
    Or else would add haiku
    Maybe tomorrow

    You have a love of bluegrass?! Why did I not know this? ME TOO!!!

    1. If we were closer, we could go to each other's houses and listen to music together!! xo

  17. It's true - it's different than poetry. It's simple and funny and cuts right through, like a Proverb.

  18. Dork.
    I love you.
    That wasn't haiku...heck I don't even know how to spell haiku

  19. I just love this post
    Not giving a flying fig
    'Bout what others think.

    Really, I love this post. You sound so strong and confident and funny and inspirational - it's so you, Alexandra! xoxo

  20. Just five syllables
    For some people to express
    A raw emotion



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