Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Living in Chicago

I'm relocating to Chicago for a week, setting up with a whole city of population 5,000. All bloggers.

BlogHer, the world's biggest social media convention for women, will be held in Chicago this year, and I am thrilled that it will only cost me $48.00 round trip, thank you Amtrak, to get to the conference this year.

That is so freakin' aweSOME.

If I had been smart and thinking (If) I would have taken the money saved from no air fare this year and splurged on a hotel room. Just think of that fantasy; my own hotel room, a pile of People magazines, and a bucket of chicken wings.

But all works out well, I'll be rooming with Dusty from Dusty Earth Mother, Lady Jennie from A Lady in France, and beautiful soul mate Varda of Squashed Bologna. I'll be taking the train up with my good good friend, Jenny, of tranquilamama.

If you find yourself in Chicago, come look for me Friday morning at 10:30 when Erin Margolin and I present "A Room of Your Own: Blogging with Vulnerability." I hope you join us. I'll also be at one of my favorite places, the Serenity Suite -- also known as Time Out for A Breather; on Saturday, from 2 to 3 PM.

I'll be back Sunday, and I'll catch you all up. If you're staying home this year, you can still do BlogHer: Home Style. Follow along, win prizes!

See you soon!

**If this will be your first time going to BlogHer, I invite you to read my post up today at BlogHer: Three Tips for Newbie BlogHer Attendees. 




  1. I so wish I could be there, to meet you. I have lots of family in Chicago, and I even fantasied of staying in the burbs with them, drive me to BlogHer and then stay vacationing. No can do. I needed to use my vacation time from work for a family event.

    Maybe next year or whenever it happens either in Seattle or Dallas.


  2. Have fun at Blogher. Look forward to the post-conference stories.

  3. have a great time empress...somewhat jealous, just saying...smiles....

  4. Wish I could join you! Have a great time...Chicago is a wonderful city to visit.

  5. I miss you already....have a great time! I am sending you a hug with someone who is going...well, she said she doesn't do hugs, so let's just say I am sorry for her behavior if/when she finds you!

  6. Wish wish wish I could come hear you girls :)


  7. I want to teleport to that serenity suite from 2:00 -3:00 on Saturday.

    Don't be surprised if I figure out a way to do it.

    I've never needed serenity more than I do now.

  8. Wheeeee! Sounds awesome. And RT for 48 beans? SCORE! Ohh, that serenity suite. Sounds pretty spectacular :)

    Can't wait to hear all the stories! XOXO

  9. deep deep sigh. one of the high points for me from last year was hanging in the lobby of whatever hotel it was (hilton? hyat? something with an H) & talking with you and vunderbarVarda. Have a fantabulous time & I can't wait to hear about your panel, your adventures...Sparkle that Corn, lady, sparkle!

  10. I got to hug you, 100 times! I hope I did not squeeze you & break you. You look fragile & strong at the same time. Regale and yet approachable. Your eyes are deep and beautiful and inviting and story tellers. Yup. I've developed a crush, physically. :-)

  11. Hope you're having a great time!



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