Monday, July 8, 2013

What You Missed the First Time

Single, dating, and the movies.

What else do you do when you live for Friday and Saturday nights and don't yet have anyone in your life to poke their fingers in your eyes at 5:15 AM with the good morning call of  "mama.mama.mama."

I married late in life, at an age where let's just say I saw every A movie B movie there was to see in the 80's and 90's. Without a care in the world other than making sure I got my nails done and had my legs shaved, a lot of the worth in these movies was lost on me. I didn't have the depth to pick up on Al Pacino's Scarface character's "Say hello to my little friend," or Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man with "Hot water. Hot water. Hot water too hot. Hot water."

I missed it, because I was too young to really read between the lines of the dialogue. Or see beyond the curve of Johny Depp's cheek.

"It's Better the Second Time Around," is my post up on Purple Clover today, where I publish a list of scientifically determined must see again movies -- films chosen carefully by me due to the heavily researched enlightenment factor as seen from this side of life now.

I hope my Demands a Re-Watch choices spark an interest for you to check out what we missed the first time around, the higher thinking understanding of the left unsaid that we've matured into, versus the message that went right over our heads in 1983. Like, finally feeling it when Peggy Sue Got Married.

I'd be grateful to see you here.




  1. Hello mon petite -- just popping by to say hi before BlogHer this year. I hope we see each other in Chicago. I'll be wearing red. xo

    1. Count on it!! I'll be in the front row, cheering you on. xo

  2. saying hey to e...
    hope you are having a blast this summer.
    we have been at the pool a lot. we have another boys staying with us this summer so my boys have an extra playmate---hard to believe only like 5 weeks left of summer.
    logan, my oldest, is volunteering at the school, helping those kids that go to summer school, in the mornings. he decided he wanted to do this on his own, so we are very proud of him.
    hope you have a great day.


    1. The pool OH YES, the wonderful pool. Auggie will be there. And it warms my heart to hear a proud dad boast of his kids I LOVE IT.
      Have a great summer, B.

  3. I am popping over to Purple Clover to read your post now, just wanted to say hi here!

  4. Airplane and Alien! Yes! And I know it's a '70s movie, but Network should be shown to your kids. It's a movie more relevant now than it was 40 years ago.

    1. Airplane absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Ripley will always and forever, be my hero.

  5. I love this list! I've seen them all except Hannah and The Elephant Man. My kids are too young for these, but they loved my Judy Garland phase when they were much younger, and adored It's a Wonderful Life. Our kids just want to love what we love, sometimes.

    1. You would love LOVE love Hannah and Elephant Man. YOU WOULD.

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