Thursday, February 20, 2014

Milwaukee Listen To Your Mother Auditions This Weekend!

Our Listen To Your Mother Show auditions are this weekend!!

From the first time we held our LTYM auditions last year with our opening slot, I felt like one of the most privileged people on the planet. Able to hear these words, some never spoken to anyone before, made the day eye opening, mind altering, heart rendering. After our weekend of listening to people who had brought us their stories and seeing glimpses into who they were, I felt electric. I read and reread their submissions, repeatedly….  I was in awe, both at what I heard and what our future Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee audience would be hearing.

All and any fear I had about the LTYM Milwaukee show coming to fruition, melted away. Anxiety, doubt, were no longer issues. These feelings now replaced with excitement and chills. The people who entered our doors on Saturday and Sunday for auditions, made us feel every inch of who they were, we felt what happened to them, their love, their joy, their discomfort, their losses. But these wonderful readers weren’t afraid, or without determination — they came in charged, on the edge of that cliff, taking a leap and believing, they had something to say that needed to be heard. I felt it. I felt their life, and the lives of those in their midst.

It took me a while to put all this into words – Listen To Your Mother is the megaphone, but these people already have their voice. It comes from their feelings and their words. I understand, to what best I can, what they want us to know, what they want to share.

Sharing our triumphs, the minutes that happen within our lives, this is what makes our existence so much richer.

Holding auditions is life come full circle for me, and I embrace every aspect of it. The humor, the dark moments, tales of fear and triumph, and throughout, deep, deep love, for those that mothered us, nurtured us, and for the role of having such a person in our lives. I love these people for that, their understanding of love, and their gracefulness, even through the stories that are difficult.

So much love and grace. You bring us your hearts, Milwaukee, and we are fortunate to have you share your stories.

Thank you.
**You can still email for a spot to audition. Contact us here: LYTMmil at gmail dot com.
It'll be a thrill, I promise you.

* * *


  1. cool. i hope they go well...
    have fun listening to all the stories....

  2. I love people's stories, Brian. It'll be a great show.

  3. So incredibly exciting. Can't wait to hear how it goes!!



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