Saturday, February 15, 2014

Not All Hear the Call of Chocolate

Today is better than yesterday, because February 15th is the day that all the chocolate is on sale, practically given away. And that stuff can keep forever. So put as much in your dainty little shopping bag that you can, because chocolate is worth it.

Unless you don't hear the call of the chocolate, and not all do.

But for those of us powerless at its sight, then you'll understand my story here, about how chocolate belongs to the one who can resist it the least.

On purple clover today, The Dark Art of Chocolate.

*happy valentine's candy sale day!

* * *


  1. ha. just protecting a friend....all in the name of love eh?

    got a little package in the mail...wearing my bracelet as i am commenting...ha,
    thank you

  2. You did a good thing that night. In fact, you're one step closer to sainthood is what I think.

  3. Aw, so glad you got it, B. We got another pkg coming, too, for the little guys. Hope all is well.

    Andrea: I KNOW. I am the best BFF EVER!!!



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