Friday, February 21, 2014

SOC for The Rest of Us

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Friday night, time to declutter and make way for the new week's thoughts. A weekly brain cleanse, aka my LIM, Loose Inner Monologue brain dump -- since I'm too chicken for a brain drill. I've set aside Friday night to let out the week's crazy, like a good turn of the century blood letting. My thoughts aren't linear enough for the more representative Stream of Consciousness, so this is a SOC for the rest of us. That's pretty much the reason I started my blog to begin with. (The role of blogging as a mental health tool is seriously overlooked.) 

This Week's LIM, Loose Inner Monologue:

-because streaming thoughts? Not so much. More like a karate chop response to my immediate environment

My slippers are getting all bad.

Slippers just don't last long.

I guess that happens when you wear them all day. Every day.

But my running shoes are in great shape.

I wonder why that is.

I think about cupcakes all the time.

Why don't my kids believe me that I just don't want their eyes fried out, that's why I don't let them do video games 24 hours a day.

This is the longest winter on record.

I love making my nail tech guy laugh. He screws up my manicure and has to start over but I love making him laugh in the middle of that brush stroke.

How can my shins hurt if I don't do anything. I would understand if I played soccer or something.

I want some donuts.

I hope the winter Olympics are somewhere nice next time.

Sweden would be very nice.

The summer Olympics are always in nice places.

Why do the kids wait until I come home from the grocery store to tell me what needs to be on the shopping list.

How come more people don't love coffee. I fell asleep today and dreamed I had a good cup of coffee in my hand and I was so happy it woke me up.

There's so much cinnamon on these frozen French Toast sticks you could scoop it up with a spoon. It's like they're trying to be a homeopathic cure for diabetes.

It seems chicken nuggets never taste good. Never. Even when they're small. Why do kids love them?  I'm half tempted to show my kids that Pink Meat video but I don't want them telling their therapist about that ten years from now.

All those political ads have a testimony from some old man saying the opposing candidate ruined their life and relates some off-handed issue like, "Budget cuts = doesn't want to support veterans!"

Like, Tammy Baldwin hates people from 9-11! Because she didn't want to campaign in New York.

And there's always a dramatic picture they take, like with a camera on the floor, or the camera on top of a book case, hiding a camera in their appetizer plate or something, catching them saying "nooooooooooooooo" in slow motion. Through a blue filter. No, a red filter, to show how evil and fresh out of hell they are.

Feels like my shins are splitting. I could pretend it's from exercise. That would be awesome.

Children's books are so strange. Whoever writes them really makes a killing.

First person Humpty Dumpty from a long time ago. I bet if they had copyrights back then that guy would just be rolling in money. (It's not even that good)

I want some donuts. I'm going to eat some of those 100 calorie packs of Lorna Doones. I feel like they just put *100 calorie* to make you feel good about eating it and there's only two cookies in the package.

I miss the days when my littlest used to call them "naked mole rap."

Come to think of it, how come I'm the only that stayed liking The Backyardigans. "My focus must be sharp, My paddle must be steady, but most of all... I must be ready. I must be ready to face that bandit. I must be ready, my friends demand it."

Out into the universe and out of my packed head. Feels good.

Have a mind that's more choppy than streamy? I invite you to write up your own Loose Inner Monologue post. Admit it--just the mention of a brain dump and your thoughts are all jamming the aisle, like the last chopper out of Vietnam.

"One at a time, thoughts, one at a time ..."  

* * *
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  1. donuts are like vitamins, right?
    you actually own running shoes? hehe

    that you have the backyardigans stuck in my head
    right before bed
    is not a good thing.

  2. My running shoes are in great shape too. Huh.

  3. See? Doesn't that feel better? =) I'm so glad I've got you back on the SOC bandwagon.

  4. Achey breakey shins? You gym rat, you.

  5. This is how my mind words most of the time. I'm with you on the Backyardigans. Am I the only one who appreciates that they were slyly introducing my children to opera? All the dialogue was in song!

  6. "How come more people don't love coffee. I fell asleep today and dreamed I had a good cup of coffee in my hand and I was so happy it woke me up." Yes! This has totally happened to me!
    The Backyardigans were one of the few kid's shows I enjoyed watching. So catchy.

  7. My whole life is a stream of consciousness brain dumb. Except like yours, it's less linear.


  8. I have yet to meet a donut I didn't like. My brain was too restless to sit still this morning, but my body was too tired to move...yikes!

  9. I love SOC posts, but the ones out there are so neat and clean. This is how I think... thanks,e veryone. I'd love to read yours!!

  10. Oh, I love this.

    I would just go on and tell everyone about how much weight you've been lifting or that 5k you managed before breakfast :)

    Mmmmmm… Now I want donuts. And more coffee.



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