Friday, February 28, 2014

Why Pacific Rim Will Win an Oscar

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We all know what the truth is about Oscar night.

I don't care if anyone agrees or not. There will be the movies that SHOULD win and the movies that DO win.

Pacific Rim should win.

Because of all these reasons. (I hear you all saying "I think it should lose" so what)

Slam baggin' action movie of the summer.

More giant robots and stuff per second than any other film.

It has cool speeches from Stacker Pentecost.

"We are canceling the Apocalypse!"

Epic speech.

The epic colossal Kaiju are awe-worthy.

Giant monsters vs Giant Robots.

It should win best Special Effects for the robots because of cutting your way out of a Kaiju's stomach.

It should win the longest before pre-title introduction ever. Action before the movie even started.

All the sound effects and all the light shows.

Neural loads that cause insane nosebleeds.

Groupie Kaiju Rock Star nerd scientists are the heroes.

The jerk bully gets it right on the jaw so hard it spins him around. His dad tells him to be good but he stays a jerk and then POW by Raleigh Beckett. Cause he's a bully jerk.

"Empty the clip! Empty the clip!"

Good action of all the movies.

Deep trenches, like deepest trenches ever, of the Pacific Ocean.

All the nations represented so CULTURAL IMPACT.


Save the world action.

Save the planet action.


Other Universes.

The robots were like walking buildings stompin' ground huge.

Lots of punching that sends guys flying into space.

The nerds were the heroes.

If people are honest they will give an Oscar to Pacific Rim. Unless they want to lie again and you know they're lying with their votes because Golden Compass won one year.

*This blog was not hijacked by kids of any kind from this mom.
  So don't think we they wrote this.



  1. That man is hellava sexy! I'm sold,all my heroes are nerds.

  2. Thank you, Mrs. Boheme: we, I mean, my mom loved this movie.

  3. My household agrees with this, save one.

  4. i have not seen pacific rim...but will put it on the short list for redbox on your recommendation....the only oscar movie i have seen i think is 12 years a should probably not see it...i mean see it with the kids...its pretty brutal but real in many ways...

  5. I'll be renting it based on your recommendation even if it doesn't win an Oscar.

  6. I still haven't seen this and I TOTALLY want to. I mean, like you said, what's not to love about giant robots fighting giant monsters.

  7. So did they win, or what? I didn't see the Oscars.

  8. Hah! I haven't even seen Pacific Rim, but you and I should go to the movies together. I like most things to be artful, subtle, and beautiful, but I like my movies LOUD, with many huge EXPLOSIONS and lots of running, chasing, shooting, screaming, and then more explosions.



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