Friday, April 25, 2014

Sometimes, We Forget

The sad thing, disappointing really, about human nature is that we take a lot of what we have for granted. Sometimes, the only way we stop and give a silent nod of heartfelt thanks for all that we are so fortunate to have and enjoy, is when we hear news of someone coming up against a challenge.

We hum along in our day to day, packing lunches, going for a bike ride, running our errands, and never think for a minute how our legs work, or bodies work, our freedom and ease of movement. We meet with people or speak in front of people, and give no pause or praise for the function of our brains and mouths and hands and eyes and all of it. We forget, it's not like this for everyone, or for someone, right now.

I have an internet friend, considerably younger than I am. Whereas my annual mammogram came back Good news! Everything looks good. Please make an appointment next year at this time! Hers came back, we need to do more tests now. And then they came back, we  need to start treatment now.

I am reflecting on my good fortune of good health. I am feeling how closely someone could be writing the above paragraph about me, versus me about them. This isn't meant to be a deeply introspective or depressing post. It's me waking up to the fact, that things happen. And the older I get, the greater the chance of things happening.

I don't want to only feel grateful when I come up with news from a friend that needs light and love, and prayer, and love again. I want to always feel grateful. I want to say it here, where it can be found, I want to say it to myself while I drive and when I walk with my children. I want it to hum like an undercurrent that keeps my heart going, Thank you Thank you Thank you I am good I am good I am good.

I want Thank you to be the steady pattern to my breathing so it feels out of rhythm when my inhale exhale isn't a living thank you thank you thank you. I want it noted somewhere, so it becomes real,  that I was thankful, grateful, aware and knew that I was fortunate, that I am good I am good I am good.

**Love and prayers to my friend, T. You are a beautiful, talented, powerhouse of a human being.
* * *


  1. Oh absolutely, I think about this all the time, especially where my children are concerned.

  2. Yes. I continue to work on being grateful for my blessings. Thank you for this reminder.

  3. Yup. I think about this a lot and try and remember that it doesn't take something big to shake up this bubble of reality that I tend to secure myself in. A 28-year-old friend of mine just had a preventative double masectomy (sp?) because she lost both of her parents to cancer. Another one just lost a child. I don't want these things to force me to reflect. I want to remember to do it each day. XO

  4. I'm not sure what makes me think about "how I work" so often, but I do. I don't know if the breast cancer scares have made me more sensitive or if it's how much time I spend online, seeing firsthand that life ain't no crystal stair for lost of folk. I like to think these things remain in my mind so readily available because the alternative, only thinking about others' plights or how easily things could change for me, is not where I want to be.

  5. Great post, so agree with that. I've been in a similar situation with friends being diagnosed, and it brings it all the way home. Time to count our blessings, be thankful for every minute, and keep praying for everyone.

  6. That last paragraph - Yes. Gratitude, and regular expression of it, points me in the direction of happiness and contentment and peace more than anything else.
    Thanks for writing this, Alexandra. The reminder always helps. And my strongest well wishes to your friend.

  7. Yes! Thank you for the reminder to be always, every day thankful. Just - Yes.

  8. Yes. Sometimes I think of my younger physical self and start feeling funky that I've lost some things that simply won't be coming back. At those times, I make myself focus on all that I still have, aware that I could lose so much at any time. Appreciate the reminder.

  9. I'm with so many of you, I want to be grateful every day. I have my challenges, but over all, I have been fortunate. Others may not think so, but I feel I have been. IF I only look at the things that scared me or that I barely survived, I forget that I did survive. And I am here, and doing so good. I love you guys.

  10. I am typically grateful every morning when I wake up...that I woke up!

  11. That IS human nature, isn't it?
    We can't go through life fearing all the bad stuff that could happen all the time, so we kind of stop appreciating the good stuff - acting like it's just to be expected.

    These reminders are so important.
    Gratitude. Awareness. Generosity.

    It's what gets us through the bad and makes the good so much better.

  12. Oh, I want it to hum like an undercurrent with me too. "Thank you thank you thank you..."
    I was feeling just this same way last week... because of an internet friend... starting treatment...
    Sadly enough, I believe that friend is not the same person as yours.
    You and I have much to be grateful for. xoxo

  13. Can never be reminded of that enough.

  14. Life can change on a dime. I don't only want to celebrate my amazing capability and able body when in the face of someone else's close brush. I want to always sing praises for all that I have and how it still works. GRATEFUL.

  15. You are one of the most thankful and grateful people I have the honor of knowing, my friend. xo

  16. I want to always feel grateful...I want it to hum like an undercurrent that keeps my heart going, Thank you Thank you Thank you ...I want Thank you to be the steady pattern to my breathing so it feels out of rhythm when my inhale exhale isn't a living thank you thank you thank you...."

    Beautifully expressed.

  17. Thinking good thoughts for your friend. And tomorrow I'm going to schedule that mammogram I've been putting off.



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