Sunday, April 12, 2015

In Case You Missed It

Something is always going on in the internet. Every day, all day, I shout out from my kitchen chair, "I have to share this!" Thinking I'm going to save the week's highlights for Sundays... these here, are too good to miss:

In Case You Missed It:

There's this huge announcement.

Guess I counted myself out too early, according to this 65 year old mother-to-be.

Gwyneth, ah Gwyneth. You never fail to try.

Think yoga only looks right when you're in perfect form, supple, lean and mean? There is a site dedicated to the real world of yoga possibility. My Real Yoga Body, "We aim to broaden the visual representations of peeps doing yoga. MRYB didn’t feel represented out there in yoga land, and also realized that we weren’t rushing to put our bootylicious, over-25 selves out there either. This page was started as a personal challenge to celebrate all of the Yogis and Yoginis out there. We want to see youngins’, oldins’, slim, zaftig, male, female, strong, getting strong, restorative, accomplished, burgeoning, all different colors and flavors, falling down, flying, levitating, lying on our backs half asleep!"  CHECK THEM OUT.

For online viewing pleasure, the National Women's History Museum Exhibits. Yes, you can read, see, and be fascinated by the immense amount of life changing achievements by women, all online. I'm hooked.
Happy reading!
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