Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How To Tell a Great Story: by The Moth

With words, we open each others' worlds.

I would always ask my grandmother to tell me a story. She never hesitated, and every time I would marvel at the bottomless well of stories she had. Tales of her life would tumble from her mouth, there were so many.

I know now that the stories came at the ready because I was there to hear them. I was my grandmother's audience and with ears eager to hear, how much there is that we want to tell.

That's what a Moth show brings: the community and audience of one, all there with open hearts, both from the listener and the presenter. We have stories to tell, and we gift each other with words and with the giving of our time to  listen.

"Tell me another story, Abuelita,” I would sit before my grandmother and look at her, hopeful. Within a heartbeat, the shutters to her world opened, and I stepped inside the life of another. What a mesmerizing time-stopping way to step out of our lives and into the time and place of someone else.

The more stories I hear from others, the more I want to know. Our true to life stories, filled with spirit, humor, love, determination and the beauty of life.

If you are fortunate enough to have the chance to see a Moth show, don't miss it. You'll leave loving who we are and grateful for the chance to see the good we have inside each other. 
Milwaukee has a Moth show TONIGHT, September 16, 7:30 p.m., at Turner Hall. I wouldn't miss it for anything. Tickets are available at the door.
**And here's something special: Click to hear from the storytelling experts at The Moth, “How To Tell A Great Story. “
If you're in the Milwaukee area, I hope to see you at The Moth show tonight. You will leave transformed, and a Moth fan forever. 
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