Friday, November 6, 2015

I Don't Feel Different--Are You Sure I'm Doing This NaBloPoMo Thing Right?

30 days of posting on your blog every day for the month of November. It's National Blog Posting Month. We're promised radiant glowing skin and brighter eyes, a more engaging wit and faster comebacks by participating in NaBloPoMo. But ... what if it's been a week and you don't feel anything yet? Here's a quick NaBloPoMo Q and A to put your busy blogging mind at ease:

1. What am I supposed to learn from 30 days of blogging?

Why, you will cover the following areas-
a. How to find something to write about when you run out of ideas about something to write about.
b. Mind over matter, in my case, get that mind cracking because the matter of your tired a** wanting to go to bed will not be happening anytime soon unless you post something on your blog tooooo-day.
c. Astronomy. As in star gazing, which is what I keep doing out this window that looks out into the night sky. If I keep my eyes searching upward maybe I'll be struck by the shooting star of inspiration.

2. What do I need to do to think of something?

What you're doing right now, reading thinking wondering pondering, let your brain take itself for a walk around the cerebral block. You'll run into something.

3.  How should I be organizing my writing space, I mean it is just my kitchen table but seems to me that someone who writes every day for 30 days is the definition of writer, so--back to the question, how should I be organized to write?

Sit every day with a notebook, a pencil sharpened to a satisfying fresh point, and set it all down on a firm surface. Which means you can't use your thighs. But, scratch away with the contentment that comes from hearing that wonderful graphite tip flying across paper. This is how the muse visits.

 4. What if I'm absent for one of the NaBloPoMo Days?

Nice try. You can't call in sick to your blog. Write. Type out I AM SICK and then put up a photo of yourself in your bathrobe along with a description of symptoms along with what makes you feel better and the movies you'll be watching and what do you know, you've got yourself a blog post, you nablopomer.

5. How will I be graded for my posts?

Oh, that's easy. For $25 I do that for you.

6. How do I enter a room now that I'm a writer?

Like this:


  1. I'm 9 days in (I may have skipped day one. ALEXANDRA, I SKIPPED DAY ONE! DOES THAT MEAN I'M DISQUALIFIED!?!) I don't feel anything yet. Certainly not like a real writer, but I'm going to make this my entrance to every room from now on. Thank you :)

    1. Let's do it, it would be so much fun. YOU , I am positive, would do it splendidly. xo



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