Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Why Must You Be So Hard, You Things That Are Good For Us

The conscience is willing, but the body is lazy.
That's my only explanation because I know how essential good habits are to important things: like staying ALIVE, but when the sun goes down and I'm thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to horizontal in front of Modern Family re-runs, it's pretty dang easy to fall asleep, popcorn slipping out of my mouth as I mumble tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.

Well, I decided no more tomorrows. Today, WE EXERCISE!

It's not as easy a commitment as I make it sound, so click on over to TueNight as we talk habits and read about the real convincing it took for me to say Yes, I do want to be around as long as I can because I really dig this life thing.

If you're struggling to get moving again, I hope this inspires you to commit to changes.

"Five months. It had been that long since the last time I had moved. I could feel the changes, too, and it scared me. My body missed exercise: I was agitated lately and having trouble falling asleep. During the day, my legs were cramping and I felt tired. Things just didn’t feel right... [read more here ]

Thank you!

* * *

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