Sunday, January 31, 2016

Done Darkness: Book Launch

"A collection of stories of life beyond sadness."
I am pleased to announce that a piece I wrote about navigating life the week of my mother's funeral is included in the newly released anthology, Done Darkness. It's humor, because there were moments that slipped into those days surprising me with laughter. This is how we heal. But this anthology also offers beautiful prose, insightful poetry, and essays that place you right in the middle of someone's hope. 
Today is the book launch for Done Darkness, for those who live in southeastern Wisconsin, we hope to see you there! Our book launch is Sunday, January 31, 2016 at 1:30PM CST at ComedySportz.
These stories are exceptional and will shine a light in the darkness for anyone struggling with depression, who has struggled, or knows someone searching for their light in the darkness. 
Done Darkness: A collection of stories, poetry, and essays about life beyond sadness is an anthology about the triumph of hope over hopelessness for those with depression or other mental illness. These narratives, from multiple award-winning authors, reflect the daily battle with various forms of depression: clinical, postpartum, and reactive, just to name a few. Real life plays out on the pages, depicting empty nests, grief, missing children, contemplating suicide, postpartum anxiety and more. Readers will connect, think, laugh, and maybe shed a sympathetic tear while gaining a better understanding of their own experiences or perhaps of a loved one.
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  1. Congratulations! Great opportunity to educate and inform about depression.

    1. Thank you, DMB!! It's a gorgeous book with some tremendous writing from here, and across the sea!

  2. I love this phrase: "essays that place you right in the middle of someone's hope." You have such a tender heart. I'm glad you are able to share what you went through with others. And yes, humour does heal things.

    1. Thank you so much, Jennie. The care put into this anthology, and the quality of the writing, makes it a treasury I am proud to be part of.



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