Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015: What the People Liked

It's always fun, and a guaranteed delight, to see what posts do well on a blog. Sometimes you feel when you hit the nail on the head, but when you really get to that sweet spot where others say, "Yes, this," that thrills me to no end.

It's also good for a snort and a giggle to see the searches that bring the people out of the woodwork, (let me tell you, the woods is full of them.)

I've pulled together a month by month compote of most viewed posts here on my blog in 2015, and capped it all off with a pecan brittle topping of google searches that brought all the  kooks people to the kitchen.

So much fun in a blogger's house.

Here you go, the most popular posts in 2015:

JANUARY:              Oomancy: Food for the New Year

FEBRUARY:            Happy Five Years, Good Day Regular People

MARCH:                The Unraveling of Mercy Louis

APRIL:                   13 Epiphanies About a Third Child

MAY:                     The Music That Made Me

JUNE:                    The Years Don't Lessen: On Father's Day Without My Father

JULY:                   35 Ways My Mother Loves To Torture Me Over Summer Vacation

AUGUST:            What You End Up Saying Instead of I Love You

SEPTEMBER:      Asking the Wrong Questions About Suicide

OCTOBER:        Go Ahead, You Can Miss Them

NOVEMBER:     Why Old Moms Tell New Moms, "Enjoy Them While You Can"

DECEMBER:     Wedding Vows From the 21-Year Other Side

As promised, the bag-full-o'nuts google searches:

--Can Latina Women Wear Ponchos
--Are Spanish People all short
--Jelly Bean Recipes for Easter
--What's Out of Style If You're Old
--I'm Sad I Have Boys
--Good frozen pizzas
--What do Spanish People Look Like
--Old Skin
--Is it Hard To Blog
--I'm Trying to Write
--Grunting Elderly

Happy 2016, everyone! THANK YOU for your friendship and your visits here in 2015. It means so much to me that you gift me with your time.

Here's to love, peace, and laughter, in 2015, and wishing you all the best in the year to come!

**P.S. Dear "Sad You Have Boys":  I wish you would read this and email me. Maybe I can help you see the way you'll fall in love with your children when you see them, as just children.

* * *


  1. Love every one and you.
    xo, Your Biggest Fan

  2. This (of course) made me look at search terms for my blog. "Project about effect of pine tree on spinach" was the clear winner for best search term of the year. But the fact that "unknown search term" was the most common (by a lot) now has me wondering just what kind of kookiness I'm attracting that I will never see. (If I'm lucky, most likely!)

    Happy new year to you, Alexandra. Hope it brings you heaps of good things.

    1. So interesting isn't it? I always get the "old people grunt" searches. Happy New Year, friend!

  3. Happy New Year Empress! You have had so many great posts in 2015. You have had very prolific content in the past year.
    I am sad to say that I may have googled one of the searches that you list above. It did not bring me to you (thank goodness) as i would hate for you to know about my sagging... um, never mind.

  4. Happy 2016, Alexandra!!
    I have 2 boys and I'm def. Not Sad.
    But kind of.
    They both left for California in June.
    (( SIGH ))
    Anyhow, the other day I remembered something Toni Morrison said: "Tell your children know you are happy they were born."
    So, I called the younger one and told him this ( all emotional like )
    He handed the phone to his older brother and said, "Here, mom's being weird again."
    Anyhow, I am SO HAPPY they were born and I love love love them more than moons and stars and suns.
    Also, I love clicking into your universe, dear & reading about the wonderful, full relationship you have w/ your son.

    xx love from MN.

  5. OMG. Now I have to go look at Google searches on mine! I love having all of your awesome posts all in one place. It's like the Epicness of Epics. Happy New Year!!! <3

    1. I hope you do and I hope you tell me what they are!



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