Sunday, January 17, 2016

Things To Do When It's SubZero Outside

A post today from Auggie. Because his mother is freshly frozen out of ideas on what to do when 7 below has us all imprisoned stuck inside. She just keeps making chili and crying.

1 Watch the youngest play video games or whoever's the best at them. You can all watch around the campfire, super exciting (for one person). Quality entertainment but gets old fast. If you have two player games, that's fun, too. Old people don't get them as much, though.

2 Listen to music as a family or have a music party and see whose jams are the best. Sometimes listen to the radio like an old-timey family.

3 Watch movies and take turns voting on which ones you want to watch. You got to be careful if your dad doesn't know which movies to watch, like he thinks The Fugitive is family-value entertainment. But it's still sometimes fun to watch dumb movies you've never seen before like Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. And it doesn't matter that Christmas is over because this movie is good anytime.

4 Draw. Look up fun drawing games. Google “Fun drawing games.” There's one where one person draws a part of something then passes it to the next person to draw another part of it and go around the table like that until everyone feels it's done, or something like that. Sometimes it doesn't work.

5 Do origami. Find some good stuff online. Like here's a good one.

6 Play board games.
7 Play card games. Play cards like Four Card is a favorite (no it's not but it's my dad's so he makes us and this is my way of complaining about it)

8 Draw again but this time use markers. 

9 Monopoly is a last resort, you don't want it to come to that though because of family fights and it never ends.

10 Read a book.
11 You can all sit under a blanket tent and talk. How life is going.
12 Talk about what you're gonna do when it's not so cold anymore.

P.S. No matter what, do NOT say "I have nothing to do" or your mom will give you something to do. Surprises like laundry, and carrying stuff to the basement.

P.P.S. We've made 12 of these already:

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