Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just What I Needed

What made me smile in only 31 seconds this morning: these two.


Did you click on this? In only 31 seconds, these two took what was a gray day, and made everyone in our house smile.

I followed these two after I heard them interviewed on NPR. I loved the idea of what they wanted to do.

What they do: they find a tweet they like, and put it to their sweet music.

What I think they do: they lifted my spirits in such a much needed way today.

IN THEIR WORDS: What if we picked tweets we liked from people and made them into songs? Would it be easy? Would people like it? We could call them "sweets"

A social experiment in music. A way to highlight tweets we love from people we love to follow. You tweet it, we sing it. Songs in 140 characters or less.

We Sing Your Tweets is a social musical blog experiment run by Kevyn Smith and Jeremy Johnson, band members of Dave Hates Chico.

We feel like we are onto something and are building something that makes people happy and that is something we are really passionate about.

THANK YOU, Kevyn and Jeremy. You really did make me happy. xo

Comments closed here today, follow @wesingyourtweet and see how they'll make you smile, like they did to us today.

Thank you, so much, K and J. So very much.


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