Saturday, May 7, 2011

Listen To Your Mother On The Radio

I was  part of the LTYM conversation on community radio on 5/3. You can listen to the podcast and hear  some of the  glorious writing from this Sunday's show, as well as hear  poignant words about motherhood and community.  


Link up your Motherhood-related writing for  LTYM: Mother's Day link up here!

Hope to see you at LTYM shows TODAY in NW Indiana, and tomorrow in Spokane as well as here in Madison at 3pm at The Barrymore.

Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. Hey you.

    You are one great mutha blogger ; )

    I hope the boys are good to you this weekend.

    Happy Mothers Day Alexandra !

  2. happy mothers day empress...downloading for a listen now...

  3. e,

    psst! you better make sure you take care of your mother tomorrow. be extra kind to her. smiles.


  4. just an fyi...the LTYM segment starts at the 5:15 mark on the podcast...

    sorry for monopolizing your comment box empress...

  5. Just listed to you! Awesome Alexandra! And, so nice to hear your voice. You sound exactly as I imagined you would. Happy Mom's Day tomorrow!

  6. Happy Mother's Day, my friend! May you shine like a star on the stage! Can't wait for the recap and podcast!

  7. Happy Mother's Day from PA!
    Your Friend, m.

  8. Happy Mother's Day - to a woman who is beautiful in every way.

    Soak it all up ~

    You are loved.

  9. Happy Mother's Day to you!!

    I know you are going to do a fabulous job....on my way to listen to the podcast now.



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