Monday, May 9, 2011

What I Read At The Listen To Your Mother Show Madison

On Mother's Day, I was blessed with being given the chance to have others hear my words on the HUGENESS that my grandmother played in my life, by being part of the Listen To Your Mother Show in Madison.

It's a wonderful feeling---I'm still buzzing--to have ears listening to something that is pivotal in my life.

I thank Ann Imig for that. Her encouragement, and kind words, there's no way to thank someone enough for providing such a life changing opportunity. I wish this kind of an experience for everyone.

Thank you, Ann. Forever.

If you'd like to see the piece I wrote, The Reach of a Small Moment, in yesterday's incredible show, please click here.

And, thank you, for all your thoughts and love... I felt all of you there with me.


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