Friday, February 22, 2013

A Birth Story

Have you ever watched an episode of TLC's series, with the pretty music and the soothing woman's voice that announces the beginning of a show called, A Birth Story? Each week, they highlight a story, told through eyes gleaming with joyful tears, of how someone's baby came into this world. It sounds so great.

I've got a story too, on how my first born arrived on what felt like an Olympic luge. And I'm stoked to tell you that it's been nominated for Babble's Best of Blogs series.

If you've got the stomach for it, I invite you to click over to Babble, and read "A Birth Story -- For the Rest of Us," aka Oh, Boy, I Really Got Myself Into a Jam This Time.

No voting required.

Thank you, Babble!


* * *

*Babble's Best of Blogs Campaign. This is a brand-new initiative to honor and celebrate the incredible voices in the blogging community. Each month, Babble will be selecting a number of nominated blog posts to be included in ebooks on breastfeeding, potty training, and many more subjects that run the gamut of parenting topics.


  1. congrats on the nomination...that is awesome...i have seen Birth Story a few times...birth was a rather alarming time for me...particularly my first...but my wife coaxes me to revisit occassionally...ha...

    happy saturday to e!

  2. Congratulations - that's terrific! When I had my babies, I watched that show a lot. My OB/GYN was on it!

  3. wait! I wanted to vote! If only because I also had back labor.

    "Almost Canadian." It'll be hard to top that line today.

  4. On my way.

    There's almost nothing I like more than a good birth story.
    (Just please don't tell my husband I said that.)


  5. that was awesome.

  6. Bah ha ha! That was so much like my first labor and delivery it's not even funny. No, really. It's not. I remember telling the nurse at one point that I really just needed to stop for the day, I'd go home and get a good night's sleep and come back and start again tomorrow. I was dead serious.

    Congrats on the nomination!

  7. The music!!!!! That is what was missing nearly 16 years ago. Things would have gone much more smoothly and painlessly if I had a better soundtrack. I am sure I would have had a better nurse who didn't hate me if she was going to be on national tv! Congrats on your nomination (you will always be best actress in a comedy to me though)

  8. Oh, you, of course you. Perfect!

  9. Congrats! I put my birth comment over on that post to spare the faint of heart.

  10. you are awesome. and so of COURSE i'll click on the link. will this scare me off from having children forever? XOXO

  11. I've had electric shock therapy to block it out.

  12. This is so great, Alexandra - congratulations!





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