Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sometimes You Have To Say "Please Go Here"

It would be nearly impossible for me to ignore Erin's post from today.

She writes of two people coming together, and of the story they create.

The memory of who each of them are, a reminder of moments that will never be lost when we honor them and their place in our lives.

Life takes courage. Decisions take a leap of faith.

Much love to you during this time, Erin, and I hope for a peaceful place -- someday -- of the memories of this time. Life is a personal experience, and no two people, no matter how side by side they live, will walk away with the same picture.

If you feel you can leave Erin words of wisdom, encouragement, or just a kind ear, please go here and tell her she has a community surrounding her, and she is far from being alone.

Thank you.

* * * 


  1. Looks like she has tons of support, at a time when she really needs it. She did a beautiful job writing, on a less than beautiful topic.

  2. What a powerful piece. Thank you for introducing me to her site. My heart goes out to her.

  3. alright, if you say it must be so...smiles...on my way over...

  4. Thank you, everyone. There is power in being surrounded by others who at least lend an ear, without judgment. It means the world to know others care.

  5. So glad you pointed out the post. Heading over now. I hate missing such good ones and it's SO hard to keep up. (I KNOW you get that. Every blogger gets that.)

    AND . . . congrats on the BlogHer win!!!

    1. Thank you for visiting Erin, Nina. It's so important right now. xo

  6. Done. And where would so many of us be without you, without your words, your help, your I'MA JUST LIFT UP ALL THE PEOPLE? Thank you, Alexandra, for being you.

  7. Thank you all for visiting Erin. I know this time is one full of questions and guessing and uncertainty. Knowing there is a collective surrounding her, will only bring her strength. THANK YOU.

  8. Replies
    1. Charlotte, you're the best. I love you. xo



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