Monday, May 2, 2011

If You Stand With Your Shoulders High Up It Makes You Look More Buff

Me and my big brother
It's Monday, I love Mondays because it's Baby E Post Day. As always, he's ready to talk your ears off. Thanks for loving on this little guy, you all  are awesome.

Hi. It's me. This picture is of me and my big brother, Alec. We have birthdays close together. But my mom still has us do our birthdays on separate times. She says her mom made her share birthday parties with her sister, and she never liked that.

My mom brought me home when I was born on my brother's birthday. We have pictures of me inside the blue bucket they'd carry me in, with a bow on top, like I'm my brother's present.

My brother teaches me tricks. He taught me that if you stand with your shoulders high up, you look more buff.

It does work.

I learn other tricks by just watching people, though.

Like, here are 3 tricks to look smarter:

Three Tricks To Look Smarter:

1.  Hold your chin with your hand. It looks like you're thinking. Try it in the mirror. It works.

2.  Squint your eyes before you answer a question. Ask someone to do it so you can watch. See?

3.  Stand with your hands behind your back, holding them.You look like a professor.

*You should do #1 and #2 together to work the best. I wish you could see me show you.
*#3 works really good if you do it while walking around. I'm doing it now.
*I learned these tricks from TV shows. If you do them, watch how they work.

Haircuts are Crazy:

We had to go get haircuts. My dad makes my mom take us. She likes us to just let our hair be long, but my dad goes crazy and then one day he bursts out and talks in all capital letters "when are you going to get their hair cut!?"

And then we go.

When I go, they always do this:

First, they make me look like an old lady with curly hair.
Or, they make me look like an old man with curly hair.

I hate new hair cuts. Sorry, I mean I don't like how I look with a new hair cut. I don't at all.

With my brother, the middle brother, they always make him either look like a girl, or they make him into an old mullet man.

We both come home so mad from our haircuts.

I like to do this stuff now: I like to do a cow face and chew like a cow, round in a circle, whenever I have salad.

It goes like this: just chew slow and real slow and go around with your mouth.

My mom laughs but my dad and brothers say, "not funny everytime, you know."

My mom says it is.

Things I Have To Do:

I have to hurry up and grow up because I need to start on my plans before I run out of time. My mom says time goes fast in life. So, I want to get started:

1. I want to go around the world in 3 stages: first, I want to walk around the world in 5 months, then I want to run around the world in 5 days, and then I want to fly around the world in 5 hours.

2. I need to do time travel to stuff I want to do. I have to do time stopping, too, so my greatest days don't end.

My greatest days are easy to know: they're the ones I say I seized the day.

For me to seize a day, in order for me to say a day has been seized, I have to do 3 things:

1. Three amazing things have to happen.

2. I have to do three amazing things.

3. It has to feel like a great day.

Sunday was a Day that I seized: I had my friend birthday party with my friends, and it was a Tae Kwon Do party, and I got the Nerf gun that I really wanted.  That day was seized.


Next week I will tell you about the new book series I am laughing about. And soccer started.

Meghan, from Phase Three of Life, has an awesome Q&A for her 50th follower. Who is me, pretty great, hmmm? Hoping you'll stop over, say Hi,  and help Meghan feel welcome in the blogosphere.


  1. Baby E, this post made my whole day....and it's not even 10am here! I am seizing it, big time, in your honor.

    And my son, he always get the ALL CAPS "When are you going to get a haircut?" from his father, too. Not me. And then we go, but he begs for just a little trim.

    He hates those new cuts.

    Happy week, Baby E, and I think your brother got one awesome birthday present when you came along.

  2. best line ever: "I have to do time stopping, too, so my greatest days don't end."

  3. Can't wait to hear about your new book series! :)

  4. carpe diem, Baby E!
    And I think that if you asked your big brother he would probably admit that you are a great gift, whether you have a bow on top or not.

    Enjoy the day!

  5. I love the things that have to be done for a day to be seized. I think we should all have our own lists like that, so when a seized day comes along we recognize it :)

  6. I love JDaniel's hair longer too,but when his hair curls into his ears we have to get it cut.

  7. Love these entries!

  8. From the mouth's of babes. This is probably the cutest thing I've read in a long long time. Thanks. (Off to practice looking smart)

  9. My boy Jack doesn't like haircuts, either. I like it when it grows out and starts to get curly, but he gets waaay too hot when it's that long. :-(

  10. I love that he says, "try it in the mirror!" i can imagine baby e posing in front of the mirror, trying out his new looks.

    how old is alec? because he looks giant next to baby e.

  11. Eeeeeeee! I've missed the Baby E posts :) I feel as though it's been awhile since he's had one (have to go back in the archives and catch up!). That boy needs his own blog :)

    Score on the nerf gun! And it's very nice that your mom has you celebrate your birthdays on separate days.

    Also, I'm totally trying your tricks to make you look smarter. If only I had known long ago that was all it took... :p

  12. Baby E is growing as a writer! I am impressed!

  13. Great post Baby E! When do we get to hear big brother's story? You could probably give him a few good pointers.

  14. I think all you boys could wear your hair however and just look great!

  15. Hey baby e,
    Ijust want to thank you so much for the smile and very helpful tips for looking smart. Do you think that I can fool my husband with that one?
    I can't wait to hear about soccer.
    Have a great week and be good to your mom

  16. e,

    you friend birthday party sounds fun...which nerf gun did you get? we play nerf battles all over the house and sometimes when we play hide and seek in the house too. glad you seized that day.

    i like your ambitious goals...if you figure out the time stopping let me know.

    i think you have a great big brother for teaching you things like great posture. it does make you look buff. chewing the cud sounds a bit hilarious.

    so i hope you seize today as well.


  17. That day was seized - BOOYAH! I love it. And really, the salad chewing just made me laugh quite loudly. Thank you. Oh, Baby E, you really are amazing. Please let me know when you figure out the time travel / stopping thing.

  18. So much wisdom in your words, Baby E, and I can see you are getting wiser and wiser. I need to make those goals for myself too. I'll be happy to walk to and from my post office in under an hour. As for the looking smart, I think they will work for you. For me, every time I put my hand on my chin, I end up developing pimples. No doubt you are not dealing with that problem yet. I recommend not touching your chin once you hit 13.

    Love your photo!

  19. thanks for the 3 tips to look smarter and the 1 to look more buff - i could really use that one too!

    when i got a new job my friend got me a pair of glasses (just plain glass for lenses) b/c she said it would make me look smarter. i dont know if it worked, but i did used to like wearing them at the office.

  20. I love Baby E day. If you ever figure out this time-stopping thing, you hves to share the details! Though I can't promise to use the newfound powers only for good

    My birthday was right after Christmas. I didn't always get a party :-( your mom is doing it right!

  21. Baby E always knows what to say.

    Hope the haircut trauma disappears soon.

  22. This was the best Baby E post yet. I am energized!

  23. Baby E., I love your curly hair. I always wanted curly hair.

    Thank you for those tips to look smarter. I'm going to try them out tomorrow.


  24. ok seriously? this is The BEST! The haircuts? "I'm sorry" re: saying hate?

    Looking buff?

    I love this. Truly. And yay you, for being such a kick-a momma that your kids are so kick-a.

  25. Loved this post! And seizing the day tips were awesome. I need to work harder. I graded a seize the day when my old tired butt got out of bed as a happy day. Or when the old tired butt got outside and did some work in the garden. Or paid bills. Or...let's go back to the first part...just getting out of bed and not being lazy. LOL

    Have a great day! Love ya!

  26. ok, the tricks to make you look smarter... i am CRACKING up right now! please tell baby e that he is just genius. and please tell him that i'm feeling smarter already just by knowing these tips. :)

  27. Baby E you are wise beyond your years. I will have to share your tips on looking buff and smart with my son, he's young so still has a lot of things to learn. You would be a great teacher for him!

  28. Hey Baby E! Thanks for the tricks to looking smart! I'm going to share them with my daughter to try out in her economics class ; )

  29. Baby E— Just so you know, nobody looks good when they first get a haircut. It's supposdly due to something called "hair shock" and it will look better in a week.

    See you next Monday!

  30. I just love his posts, mostly because they are so honest and true. I always say my hair (being short) is like my cycle, I only truly get 2 weeks out of 4 of it acting and looking nice, the other 2 weeks are a crap shoot ;)

    I think you look very handsome Baby E!!!!

  31. I always learn something on Baby E Mondays. Thanks for the tips! (I'm going to go stand like a professor now.)

  32. Dude, you said 'seize' - that alone makes you sound smart without all the professor walking. Add a well-timed 'indeed' in conversation, too. Works every time.

  33. I think that you can come hang out at my house any time your mom and dad want to take a little vacation by themselves. Hopefully, you'd have so much fun with my kids we would need to do the time stopping.

  34. Bless his Little E heart :)

  35. Aw, E! Okay, I'm totally rocking 1 & 2 simultaneously RIGHT NOW.

  36. Baby E quote:

    "wow, mom, I'm really becoming popular!"

    cutie pie xo

  37. You carried your baby in a blue bucket?? This was ridiculously funny, Baby E. Thanks for the tips on how to look smart. I need that.

  38. You look like you have an awfully nice big brother. One who wouldn't mind sharing a birthday party with you. :)

    My son (he's 8) loves to check himself out in the mirror. I'm totally going to share your tips for looking buff with him. Hope you don't mind.

  39. I will try and stand up straighter, I am a slacker.

  40. I am grinning ear to ear...that doesn't necessaruily make me look smarter, I realize, but it does make me look and feel really happy. This is one of my favorite posts I've ever read!

  41. Note to EMPRESS (not Baby E) Is you therapist, I mean expensive friend (though I gotta say that makes it seem like she's a hooker) know Baby E said this? "I have to hurry up and grow up because I need to start on my plans before I run out of time." ???

  42. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  43. oh my gosh, the tricks to look smarter?


    baby E rocks my socks.

  44. that is so sweet !! i will make ayaan write on my blog when he is old enough :D



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