Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Say It's Endearing

No one is perfect.

I have some quirks.

But so does everybody else.

I guess that watching movies with me is something others really don't enjoy doing.

Hard to believe, I know. But I've reached a transformative point in my life where I'll consider holding that mirror up to my face.

AFTER I check in with the Aiming Low readers. *that would be the ones that get me

Am I that bad? Come and read the list of  "complaints" about sharing popcorn and an aisle seat with me.

I'm just a girl who loves a movie. Asking you to love that movie with her.

Brought to you by Aiming Low. "Apparently, movie watching with me is insufferable."


  1. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  2. Something tells me I'll be wishing I could watch a movie with you...Off to Aiming Low!

  3. I loved the article. I left you my insufferable comments over there, but I forgot to tell you two things.

    Number One: We have the Cinebistro here. Do you know of this movie theater? It is the most awesome thing ever invented. You pick your seat online before you go. That's right. No jostling for the right seat. And the seats? They're these big leathery recliners. Talk about falling asleep at the movie. And then there's the fact that they serve cocktails and lovely wines and even lovelier food. And the best part of all? You have to be 21 to get in. So the rowdy teenagers have to go to the regular movie theater to act obnoxiously.

    Number Two: Did I tell you about when I saw Drive? I loved the movie, absolutely loved it. My husband and our best friends that were with us, hated every second of it. I have been defending my movie tastes for all these months by proclaiming they are not sophisticated moviegoers like me and therefore they just didn't get it. Last week, we were out in California for a little birthday trip. One night, we had dinner at the bar of this lovely restaurant. I sat next to a cute young guy. We struck up a conversation and he ended up being a filmmaker. So of course, with my husband right next to me, I smugly asked him how he liked Drive.

    He hated it.

    I am never living this down as long as I live.



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