Thursday, September 20, 2012

Writers Write

They're called writers because they write.

To become a writer, step one is To Write.

Yah. Sit Down and Write. Not fiddle on twitter, play with your phone, jump around to 5,000 blogs that you love. Not check email and gmail and YouTube.

There's a reason I haven't gotten down and dirty with Pinterest - and it's the same reason I don't keep chocolate in the house. It would end in an ugly call to 911 and something about a woman who had quit eatingbathingsleeping.

You gotta take a big gulp, knock down that beast that tells you you're not a writer because you don't have a book out.

If you love to write, and you write, then you are a writer.

Easier said than done, so I've lined up in 7 Easy Steps; how to get those words down on paper.

If I can do it, you can do it. (I love that phrase)

Brought to you by AimingLow, my post today, 7 Ways To Get Your Butt Down and WRITE.


  1. I am going to write a long thoughtful comment, but first I need to check TwitterFacebookPinterestGoogle+. ;)

  2. Once again, you're timing is impeccable! Were you wandering around in my head? Hope you had on old shoes...due to the muck and all! Heading over to see what you have written that will make me feel better today! :)

  3. Can I tell you that I think you're AMAZING?! I've been a closet writer for some time now because I loooove writing so much and I never want to spoil it by really trying to do it myself and failing. Especially because I don't have a degree yet and I have nothing to my name as far as writing goes. I can't wait to read the article on AL but I'm already perked up from your little preview here :D

  4. I don't have any aspirations to be a writer, but it's your last line that I feel, every single time I try to do a post with words!

  5. its a simple truth....the reason i write every that writers write...

  6. I did it differently today, I went to AL first and then here! What a great post! You are so funny!

  7. I am a writer! Affirmation. YES! I needed this post today. Thank you.

  8. i need this today! i'm sitting here reading blogs and eating resees pieces but not WRITING. ugh.

    1. Reading blogs and snacking is warming up. As long as you then write, you're winning! ;-)

  9. Do comment-boxes count? Because I think I may have just found a way to incorporate the marathon-blog-reading, if not the chocolate. Gotta read 'em before they can inspire you to respond to them, JUST SAYIN'...

    I'm sorry - I'm a terrible, terrible influence. Want some of my chocolate?

  10. The guy who wrote Moon River, Johnny Mercer, said, "You must write for the waste basket."

    Smartest writing advice I've ever received.

    You just write.

  11. I gave up on being a writer a long time ago, but have been reconsidering that lately. Perhaps this post is just the motivation I need...

  12. So very true and well said. I do not think of myself as a writer but should start!

  13. Yup need to read this. Just as soon as I finish tweeting.


    On my way over...

  14. I write. I like to write. Once in a while I actually do write. But I'm not sure that I consider myself a writer. Maybe I should change that....

  15. Wow. I think that was also, just for me! I don't think of myself as a writer because I can't seem to finish my manuscripts. I can't seem to ever find the mojo needed to just slam it back and gulp it down. But thank you. I needed that! :)

  16. It's weird to call yourself a writer some days because you feel like something should follow the, "I'm a writer..." But we are. We're poor and tired yet our minds work at full-tilt.



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