Friday, September 28, 2012

The Magic of the Bean and Honoring National Coffee Day

Blogging has brought tremendous opportunities my way. I've had to knock several times and push my way in just as many times; but still - overall - all I asked for was for a door to be cracked open just a little.

Writing a monthly column, called Memoirs of My America, for the group humor site FunnynotSlutty is one of those good things that came about when I saw a door left open, and I grabbed that chance.

FunnynotSlutty is a group humor blog that features the "the funniest women on the planet," You'll find videos, posts, anything funny that you need to get through the day or to feature on your blog.

September 29 is National Coffee Day, and my post at FunnynotSlutty today perfectly toasts - as well as weeps for - the love I have for the magic bean of caffeine.

So, grab a cup (Mickey D's is giving them away free today) and I'll see you here.  


  1. Times like these I shed a silent tear for my caffeine intolerance, but march on over just the same!

  2. *sniff* I miss coffee so much. Tried some decaf this morning which totally upset my coffee. Seems I'll have to completely give it up. Sadly. Off to read your words. XOXO

  3. sad that I missed it ((( maybe next sounds really good and I'd like to see it



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