Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The weekly round up and holy cow but the one regular feature on this blog that I've stayed faithful to. It's been almost two months that I've had an In Case You Missed It post.

Every year that I live with myself, I get smarter about what it takes for me to see something through. I'm realizing it's belief and passion in something. I enjoy sharing good links I come across on the internet. I get excited about having my soul moved or my perspective changed. Learning about the art of writing and tricks of the trade, from grammar to how to structure a story, geeks me out in a most satisfying way.

Here are some fun reads I found while popping in and out of the internet this Labor Day weekend. Hope you have a chance to check them out.

ICYMI, 1st autumn edition: 

--She has two books of parental anecdotes under her belt for a reason. Funny, funny, this woman is funny. I love a laugh that comes from seeing myself in someone else. Robin of Robin's Chicks does that so well, with a great post today about "I Hate Nature." Yes, oh yes, the snakes in the grass. An advance warning, please! I Hate Nature, by Robin, of Robin's Chicks.

--Mommyhood and Fashion and all the failings that come to mind. When I was a teen, I'd look at all the sad fashion long gone moms and promise I'll NEVER give up like that. But we do. Kim of Let Me Start By Saying has an awesome post on how we can convince ourselves we still won't land on a Glamour Don't page: Fall Fashion: I'm Already In Style.

--From Seth Godin, an author of more books than I can remember. He is inspirational and someone who causes me to ponder. I subscribe to his feed, and his short posts mince no words. The one this week, on DISCIPLINE: the rewards/punishments to not limiting our time in places that won't get us where we want to go. (Get thee behind me, twitter.)

--I like to have online time with my three boys, sites where we routinely sit together and share wonder and amazement. That's why I subscribe to Odd Stuff Magazine. Here's what we wowed over with their latest edition: "8 Best Adrenaline Pictures of The Week."

*Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday and that makes it a good thing. (I love short weeks.)


  1. I just hate when short weeks feel like weeks plus a day. By tomorrow I'm sure it'll feel like I've been in this week for four days at least. Darn. I was trying to start the week complaining less. Stupid Tuesday.

  2. nice...love me some seth godin....

  3. so you and the fam had a good holiday?

  4. Yesterday felt like Sunday and today feels like Monday. We're staying confused around here!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing my spilly fashion post with your readers! You're ALWAYS in style, to me.

  6. Thanks for recommending some new sites to look at when I'm procrastinating online. Just what I need more excuses not to get to work.

  7. Argghhhh, new web sites to look at!!! I am over committed and way behind on my blog reading.

  8. Oh I always love your recommendations. xoxo

  9. Oooh, the style one is just in time, as I realized yesterday how poorly I am doing (and that it won't help my daughter at all!)



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