Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Have Something - And You're Going to Like It

January, and we all are in need of a little vacation, a little crazy, some living larger than we are right now. Not anything too drastic - just a little something to take us away for awhile, something that won't give us urethral inflammation like a Calgon bath would.

I have just the thing, lucky people. Something to take you beyond your days of lemon dusting your coffee table and finally getting to that linen closet.

It's this.

Celebrity sTalker by Suzy Soro: Stories From a Woman Who Thinks Celebrities Are Dying to Talk to Her, Only They Aren't.
Suzy Soro's new book: a mini vacation in pages - away from our mondo mundane. Want to know what it's like to live in Hollywood and see the stars and have the nerves of steel to talk, not stalk, them? Well, Suzy Soro of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld fame, has done this all for you. And we get to eavesdrop on alllll the conversations, the juiciness of life among the stars. It's not all glamour, it's a lot of down to earth poignancy along with an  inside glimpse of how the other half lives, from someone who really knows Hollywood.

Suzy is very funny, unpredictable, and compelling enough to pull my hedge fund reading husband away from his WSJ. He was so drawn into her book that he finished it in one sitting. His review? "Interesting." I read it one sitting too and my reaction was pretty much "More more tell us more!" I'm ready for Suzy to get started on Volumes two and three.

If you're into knowing the deep down of life in a lane other than 15 items or less, get this book.

Wait, I'll get you this book. I have a copy for you. (say that in a singsongy voice)

Please leave me a comment telling me you want Hot Comes To Die's Celebrity sTalker, facebook that you want Celebrity sTalker, tweet out that you want Celebrity sTalker. Tell everyone "I'ma get Suzy Soro's Celebrity sTalker if I have to win it myself!"

I'll use to pick a winner. Contest closes next week Saturday. If you don't want to wait and can't wait to see if you win this book, order it on kindle for $4.99, or paperback now, from Amazon.

"Celebrity sTalker details comedian Suzy Soro's obsessive need to talk to celebrities, especially the ones who don't want to be bothered. It takes you inside ladies' rooms, restaurants, and even their homes. Why did the world's most beautiful movie star offer to help? Which sitcom star is really pushy? How many celebrities do you have to know to get on The Tonight Show? In this offbeat memoir of her run-ins with famous people, Suzy answers these, and other, ridiculous questions. It's funny, it's painful, it's embarrassing, and it will make you glad you're not her."  --Amazon

**Follow Suzy Soro on her blog Hot Comes To Die, or on facebook, and follow her on twitter @hotcomestodie , where she is the queen of one liners.




  1. (Not entering) I'm still trying to figure out how bloggers have time to read actual books and blog, too! It takes me all day to read everyone and just when I think I've finished, I hit refresh and there's more!

  2. I'll enter but I'm still chuckling at Ms. A--totally know what she means! With all three boys at a dead run, I drop off the blog radar at times for a week or more! (this does sound like a fun read though) :)

  3. haha funny by line on the cover...what the heck, toss me in...i'll read anything...smiles.

  4. I'm going to read it, of course. But it would be best to read it after winning it from you.


  5. Thanks for the shout-out Empress! You neglected to mention that buried deep in the bowels of the book lurks the names of many of my friends, on the Internet and IRL. And you're one of them!

    Am I ineligible to win because I wrote it? If so I call shenanigans. xo

    1. Suzy used some Mensa style encryption and it's true. In her hilarious spoof Amazon reviews, she's buried some names--mine. (can you believe it.)

      She's super smart, funny, and realistic. Loved the book. Here's to winning!

  6. Oh. I. Want. It. (Does that sound slutty?)

  7. I know how to read! And I even like to!

  8. Oh oh oh, I luvs me some Suzy. I would listen to her talk for hours. If I had the chance. I would read her too, in a New York minute....or longer...however long it takes, I will do it. Thanks for the offer. I accept the challenge.

  9. I would love to read Suzy's book! Pretty please, pick me ;)

  10. If you find it funny, I know I will too! I'm in.

  11. My FB post:!/beachbird2/posts/470721416298962

  12. My tweet is here:

  13. I want Suzy to stalk me but I'm not famous ::sigh:: I'll settle on reading her encounters :)

  14. You've read my mind?! The first issues of my People and Entertainment Weekly magazines just came in the mail yesterday. I love this stuff. Pick me!!

  15. Okay I so really really want to win this book.

    Especially because I need a good read to take my mind off all this urethral inflammation...


  16. I want this book more than Julie up there.

    Because I need some ha ha.

    And I read everything you tell me I should read.

    Also, watch out for Mr. Bubble. He may be pink, but he is no friend. No friend at all.

    Also because I made it through your damn name encryption thing.

  17. I have already cleaned out three closets...I. Really need to win a book so that I. Have something better to do! And big laughs too? That is something getting rid of old shoes nobody wears is failing to provide!

  18. I already follow her on FB. I need to go to her site and check it out. I've been meaning to buy her book on my Kindle. Maybe I'll wait and see if I win it here.

  19. I'm gonna read this - I'm gonna read this! (Think mom on the Swiffer commercial who just stopped dusting long enough to form a complete thought.) This is right up my street and I love Suzy's humor. Curb is my therapy and celebrities are my guilty love/hate pleasure!

  20. I am definitely going to buy this - it sounds AMAZING! Celebrity gossip is my own personal crack :)

  21. This sounds like a hilarious book. I would love to get it.

  22. I want it! I want it! :-)

    I always enter your contests with great hope.

  23. That book looks so funny. Enter me in the contest please.

  24. I want it! Suzy's high-larious.



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