Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lucky You, The One Who Just Won Celebrity sTalker

Overdue, but exciting news nonetheless; we have the winner of Suzy Soro of Where Hot Comes To Die, new book, Celebrity sTalker.

LDiggity (don't the coolest names come here??) who has been blogging since 2002! at  The Lovely Simulacrum (best to look up this word and learn something new today), has won a copy of Suzy's Hollywood tales of celebrity talking/not stalking. Good thing, too, since she was due with a little one January 13, and we all know how much time she'll have to lounge around and read Suzy's book once the baby comes.

Congratulations, and please email me your address, LDiggity, and I'll send out Suzy's book for you to lap up in one sitting, because you will.



  1. woot congrats winner! smiles...

    and hope you are having a great weekend with your fam empress....

  2. Yay! That's a lucky winner indeed, because Suzy's book is AWESOME.



  3. Darnit! I never win anything!!

    Oh wait.



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