Tuesday, January 1, 2013

These, are the Magic Letters

Happy New Year! It's so cute how a new year has us all talking high hopes, big dreams, determined plans, to make this year OUR YEAR.

I love how people do that, and I love reading about all the powerhouse moves to get you where you want to be. Live large or go home, right?

So cool to see. Me? I just want to finally figure out how to avoid. AVOID. How can I get through this life gig with the least amount of stress and strife? I think I found a way. I apply four simple letters to any stomach acid producing situation, and get 'er done.

My New Year Plan for stress-free living, and decluttering the unpleasant out of your life. Brought to you by Aiming Low.

I wish you a peaceful 2013, and if there are any problems, may they be only the little tiny bitty kind.



  1. Isn't it amazing how many people come up with all sorts of resolutions that are supposed to make them happier, but forget to resolve to actually be happy!

  2. I agree! I hold my breath and just hope this year goes as well as the last one did. My luck BETTER NOT RUN OUT!

  3. My resolution is to not eat my young. Noble, I know.



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