Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Don't Want To Disappoint the Hispanic Seekers

With thanks to Jenni Chiu, for the inspiration.

At the end of the day, my kids and I like to see what google searches bring people over to this blog. The searches are always a surprise and we try to figure out what post brings "Fat bottomed mom" and "Hoarder's house" seekers to the yard.

This week, I've had a couple of "What do Spanish people look like?"" and "Are Latinas too short for ponchos?"

I don't want anyone disappointed by what they find when they land here on this blog, so the call to help these people seeking answers to their searing questions that are important enough for them to turn to google at 1 a.m. is loud and clear.

I will help you.

You want to know what Spanish people look like?


They look like this:

Blonde and blue-eyed, like my son.

or like this:

  Dark haired and green-eyed, like my other son.

 Sometimes, Spanish people look like this:

Dark haired, brown-eyed, olive skinned.

You can also find Spanish people with tan colored skin, and hazel eyes.

 Like this son.

If you want to know what Spanish people look like, sometimes they're beautifully copper, like my cherished nephew, Tomas.

This is what we look like in a group.

So, dear "What do Spanish people look like," I sincerely hope your search here has helped you to see that Spanish people can be light, dark, in between, straight haired, curly haired, blue eyed, brown eyed.

My apologies, also, for this long winded post, when I really could have just quenched your google thirst for information regarding Spanish people with one sentence, "The women are the most beautiful in the world and the men are like Greek gods."

Now, as for "Are Latina women too short to wear ponchos?," this is a serious matter. Please google search "Are short white women too short to wear ponchos?," this should lead you to "Carnivorous Blanket: how to avoid."

Happy searching!

* * *

Care.com is a great site, featuring resources for health care, parenting tips, and more. Check out their fun feature today, where I and eight other bloggers, let you in on the Halloween costumes we survived as children.


  1. I'm not even going to mention what some people seem to be searching for at my place, but I can guarantee they won't find anything remotely like they were expecting!

  2. carnivorous blanket how to avoid...hehe...it is pretty funny how some people land at our site for sure....eh, could be worse you know...smiles.

  3. HA! I love this! Everyone searches "Can I eat taco salad cold?" to find my blog. We're changing the world!

    1. Oh C. That made me laugh. xo HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. Ha Ha! I love those crazy searches. I think the diarrhea (sp?) song gets searches on my blog.

  5. I am "la trigueƱa" on my mom's side and people often wonder about that since I was raised mostly by her. But yes, my family comes in all shades of beauty. Loved this!

  6. This is fantastic! And isn't that a fun way to pass the time as a blogger? I love to see what people are searching for when they arrive at my blog!

  7. Someone searched for "blogger black" and found me. Such specificity. We are teaching the masses!

  8. LOVE this AND your stunning family, Alexandra. My - I thought they were stock photos at first. Thanks for setting people straight!!

  9. Those are some damn good looking people!

  10. This is false advertising. I expected a post on ponchos for short people of every ethnicity. Would you mind writing one?

    1. Dearest Nancy Kho: I give you: Poncho Wearing 101: http://www.gooddayregularpeople.com/2011/11/i-can-no-longer-be-silent.html

  11. Of course I know that, but I was so happy to see pictures of all you beautiful people.

  12. I am too technologically backward to know how to check for Google searches that lead people to my blog.

    And now, I am both happy and filled with despair that I cannot check.

    But the good news:
    I look kick-ass in a poncho. So there's that.

  13. So much better to be found when people search for fashion and beauty. I'm found when people search "how to torcher (sic) your husband." Frightening.

  14. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! So very helpful I am sure...and such very beautiful people!

  15. You have such an incredibly beautiful family, Alexandra. OXOX

  16. You rock. So does your gorgeous family. My big search keyword? "Real Mom Ass". They found me. Yoo hoo! Real Mom Ass here! Doesn't get more real than this! ;)

  17. Any excuse to post pictures of those beauties works for me!! This post cracked me up.

  18. This honkie is waving her poncho in support of this post, chica! ;-)




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