Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Through the Eyes of Autumn

Autumn makes me wish I were a poet, so I could put into words how this sudden switch in my life, going from full force bursting at the seams summer to the tree baring pause of fall, fills me with the need to stop, and examine.

The space between summer and winter is more like a new year than December 31. Something gives way, something new arrives. The green of summer that slowly becomes burning blazes of autumn here in Wisconsin, is like a farewell bonfire to the days of sun, no schedules, and days that go on forever.

It's a bittersweet season, but I work through it.

I hope you join me, at Purple Clover today, as I think of the promises ahead, after all the leaves have fallen.


* * *


  1. With all the changes this year has had, I'm ready for autumn. At least the weather might be tolerable.

  2. This introduction to your post is beautiful all by itself.
    For the record.

  3. oh but you are a poet...smiles...anyone can be...i love autumn as well...

    1. It's a heavy season, isn't it, B? Full of just so much. xo

  4. Beautiful post (introduction as well as post at Purple Clover.)

    I am grateful for our hot, dry Autumn every year, but it makes me long for leaves that change before February and sweater season before November.

    1. Thank you, Everyone. I do feel so frustrated, wanting to explain the depth of a season like autumn, and every year, it means more to me. Thanks for being here.

  5. I love that you see your children as your book, your work. I relate so much to this.

    I always hated fall because it is so melancholy, and saw it as the Debbie Downer older sister of summer. As I got older and owned my own melancholy, I see fall as a comfort. It's an honest season that hides nothing from us.



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