Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Skylanders: Part 3 of 4 Again for Parents


dun dunh

Part Three... dun dunh OF FOUR

This one is about...


dun dun DUNH

It's me, Auggie, writing my Wednesday post for my mom on Skylanders because I said I would do four parts and this is part number three and I know what I'm doing for the last part too. But today we are going to talk about...

Skylanders SWAP FORCE

This is about the new Skylanders game called Skylanders Swap Force that isn't out yet. 

The premise of the game is the same like I told you in Part one and Part two, but there is a new character implement: you can swap top and bottom half of Skylanders. Remember that part because when your kids tell you why they need more Skylanders you will understand why.

This came to be by the Skylanders protecting a magical volcano, and it erupted, causing them to be split in half. This is really cool because say you really like the punching power of Night Shift, but he doesn't have legs so you don't like them. There's this guy, Stink Bomb, whose legs you really like because he is a skunk and he shoots out spray and you can sneak around, but you don't like his arms because they are wimpy.

So you combine the two and make Night-Bomb! (because part Night Shift and Part Stink Bomb)  He can punch and shoot skunk spray! 

There are 16 swappers, 16 new Core guys some Light core guys, and a bunch of series 2 and 3 guys. I cant wait until it comes out October 13th I all ready pre-ordered it for $1.00 in August. I can't wait till this day gets here. I'm so excited!

See you next time! (I think it's a good idea for me to tell you about what happens on October 13, when Swap Force comes out, so you are ready to talk to your kids on that day)

-Baby E


  1. e,

    that is a pretty cool feature to be able to mix n match your boys have been asking about getting it, so maybe around christmas...we will see how good they are. smiles.

    hope school is starting well for you.


  2. Thank you, Mr. Miller. Your children will be hapy with it and you can play with them like my dad does with me. becaue now you know the game.



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