Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What is Medicine Abuse?

Join in tonight, Tuesday, September 10, at 9 PM EST and find out, as 11 women discuss the epidemic of medicine abuse -- a health issue that is a concern for all of us. Hear original stories, read live, sharing in what we know, and how you can help.

Listen To Your Mother  has joined forces with The Partnership at Drugfree.org to host an exclusive live-streaming event via Google Hangout On Air.

These readings will feature new and original work about each of the women’s personal connections to addiction, substance use, and/or what they want children to know about the medicine abuse epidemic in a powerful story-sharing hour. Join us at this kickoff to a blog post tour featuring these wonderful writers.

Watch the livestream broadcast at the Listen To Your Mother YouTube channel  http://www.youtube.com/user/LTYMShow/live ) beginning at 9 pm EST.

This live event will feature:

Janelle Hatchet – http://www.renegademothering.com
Brandi Jeter – http://mamaknowsitall.com
Sherri Kuhn – http://oldtweener.com
Heather King – http://www.extraordinary-ordinary.net
Lyz Lenz – http://www.lyzlenz.com/
Judy Miller – http://judymmiller.com
Lisa Page Rosenberg – http://www.smacksy.com
Alexandra Rosas – http://www.gooddayregularpeople.com
Ellie Schoenberger – http://www.onecraftymother.com
Zakary Watson – http://www.raisingcolorado.com
Melisa Wells – http://suburbanscrawl.com
For more information and to join:
RSVP on the Google Event Page

 RSVP (optional for Google + users)
View live:
and/or join us at http://www.youtube.com/user/LTYMShow/live

**If you aren’t available to watch the live-stream, you can read all of the posts and watch the video of the event. Check listentoyourmothershow.com for details on Thursday 9/12/13.
To learn more about The Medicine Abuse Project, visit drugfree.org/medicineabuseproject and follow the conversation online at #endmedicineabuse.

 This live event and blog tour are sponsored by The Partnership for Drugfree.org, LTYM’s 2013 National Video Sponsor.



  1. Awareness definitely should be raised about this issue, Alexandra! I watched a very interesting piece about it a while ago on Rock Center with Brian Williams - about pregnant women abusing prescription painkillers and the ramifications of that for their children and the cost to society (financially and much more).

    After my car accident a year ago, I was prescribed heavy duty painkillers. Honestly, they messed me up, and so I trashed the residual. But I could see how one could get addicted to their numbing effect while in a vulnerable state of mind - particularly if there are other major stressors in life at that moment. They can be very dangerous, as I've been reading more and more lately.

    1. I hope you have the chance to listen to some of the stories, Hillary. How have you been feeling?

    2. I wish I could train my brain to edit negative thoughts and only project the positive, go-get-em attitude I want to have! I battle more and more with this feeling that I'm not up to snuff, and yet I am so blessed! Otherwise, my life is very good, I feel. :)

  2. As one who knows firsthand exactly what this is and the damage it does, I'm looking forward to hearing what you all have to say. One thing I've learned since entering the world of social media, is this: social media has done more harm than good when it comes to misrepresenting and spreading misconceptions about addiction. I'd like to see that start to change and this group of women is the perfect group to begin to turn the tables.

    Break a leg! I'll be listening and cheering you all on.

    1. I hope you like what you hear, Cheryl. And thank you. xo

  3. I'm not sure what this topic will touch on, but I hope it has something to say about the over-prescribing of medications for school children that seems to be the be all, end all, nowadays! I'm opposed.

  4. You know how people say, "If it helps just one person..."?


    I'm sure this will help many more than that.
    Good for you for doing this.

    Good for everyone.



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