Friday, September 6, 2013

Guide To Skylanders For Parents of Kids Who Don't Know By a Kid

Skylanders Part 2/4 (If you already don't know what this is about go here

 I am writing this today because my mom is resting. I'm going to write four of these. This is the second one about my favorite game Skylanders. I write it on openoffice writer and then put it here.
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Part 2: Skylanders Giants, and the types of Skylanders

by me (Baby E or Auggie if you know me)

The second installment of the Skylanders franchise is Skylanders Giants

In Skylanders Giants there are eight giants that are twice the size of normal Skylanders. Also I am typing this fast because I had soccer and just finished homework and have to eat my tacos but I want to write this so your kids can play with you.

The story is that in ancient Skylands, there were evil giant robots called Arkeyans [THIS IS NOT SPELLED WRONG] that enslaved Skylands. 

The giants were summoned to stop them but I'm not sure by who so I don't want to say if I'm wrong. 

They defeated them, but with their last bit of energy, they banished the Giants from Skylands.

And now they have finally come back and it's your job to put them on the Portal of Power as the master of control charge to bring them to life and decide which ones.

There are five types of Skylanders, with three new types coming in the new game.

Type number 1 is series one, the original Skylanders, the series 2, which are better version to me of the series one and have enhanced ability Giants, which are GIANTS, lightcore [THIS IS NOT SPELLED WRONG] which light up in certain parts from the light emitted by the POP, and core which come out with the second and third games and are original to that game, though Series 2 version can made from them.

Thank you.
-Baby E


  1. e,

    cool catch up on the game. you obviously know more about them than i do, so thanks for the back story so i can speak intelligently with my boys.

    so you are back to school now? how is that going? we are 3 weeks into school here. hard to believe.

    have a great day


    1. Thank you, Mr. Miller.

      Your kids play at your parent's house a lot I'll bet. I like school sort of.

  2. Thank you so much for explaining this, E! I play Skylanders with my son Miles sometimes and I never know what he's talking about. He'll be really pleased that I now have a clue! My favorite is Pop Fizz. He looks like a gremlin.

    1. Hello, Mrs. Roy: Thank you for commenting. I really like Pop Fizz too. It's good you play with your son. Surprise your son by saying "So, have you defeated Kaos yet?"



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