Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What Happens When You Don't Listen To Oprah

Lessons learned the hard way, like not listening to Oprah, when I should have.

I should have listened to Oprah and then I wouldn't now be icing my shins (would be/would not be?). Either way, I've got bags of frozen corn on these timber sticks of mine, and not even close to stopping them from screaming.

All because I didn't listen to you know who.

On Purple Clover today, what I should have done, and didn't -- don't let this happen to you.



  1. whew...i still have ten years to invest in frozen peas....smiles....

  2. I feel ya girl - in the shoulders, the legs, the back, oy, the back. Can't so much as food shop without recovery time. Need to change the definition of success to = Vertical and Mobile

  3. (hee hee hee) When I did some research (you know, for a friend) on shin splints the other night, it said to stop walking when they occur. I refuse to call my family to come get me one mile from home, and crawling just didn't seem to be an option, as it would have been too hard on my knees. Guess I need to buy some more frozen veggies!

  4. Tai Chi is really hard actually! :-)

  5. Ah . . . I've always considered water aerobics the great equalizer. We're all headed there.



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