Sunday, June 1, 2014

In Case You Missed It

Been a busy time over here, getting physically and mentally ready for high school graduation. Prepping the heart for how college is only ten weeks away. I'm lucky almost every day on the internet. I find words that help make sense of all that is flying at me.

Some good stuff out there, and it feeds me. I hope you click over, and see if it doesn't do the same for you:

--Jett Superior, of alphabetjunkie . She first took my breath away four years ago, and she did it again today. Life, unexpected exploding stars that find their way to us and are just what we would have wished for if we were smart enough to know the right things: This one meanders some, but we'll get there.

--"I mean, however old you are, you’re as young as you’re ever going to be. Oof, that’s obvious. Now that I’m 45 I’m going to issue really obvious pronouncements like that one. Also: be nice to people. Not to mention: sunscreen. You’re so very welcome. " So begins Alice Bradley's post on finslippy . About a birthday, and turning 45. She will always be one of my favorite people. Period.

--"... leaps don't have to be leaps: how to change your life by simple steps." I follow Karen Walrond's blog, chookooloonks, and through her, found limeretreats blog. Amazing candid talk there today on changing the direction of your life and tips on how to start. Just thinking about doing it, is step one.

--This week, what needs to be mentioned. The world lost Maya Angelou. I have lived on her quotes and her memoir like she was my very own. In this clip, she recites what gives me goose bumps to this day, And Still I Rise.

Have a beautiful week, everyone.

* * *


  1. i cried at the loss of maya this week...
    cool on the tips and small steps to changing your life as well...

    1. Brian, Ceci, and Tess: she always felt like she was personally mine. And the way she talked to others, with genuine interest and care. I was weepy the whole day... thanks for getting it, and sharing in the loss.

  2. I love, love, love that poem. Like so many people I ordered her collection of poems the moment I learned that she had died. Sold out everywhere but I finally found a copy.

    Good luck with all the graduation prep!

  3. Thank you for posting that video of Maya Angelou. I love that poem but even more I love her reciting her poems. Love that voice.

    I remember when she had her radio talk show on xm radio Oprah and Friends and no matter who she interviewed - rappers or country artists, she did such amazing research and made them feel 100 feet tall. Just by her enthusiasm and knowledge for the artists and bringing their true selves to the fore front, she turned me on to several.

    I will miss her, however I am so glad she was was able to share so much with so many and lived a wonderful long healthy life.

  4. Maya Angelou's wisdom is out there now, forever, her words eternal; and we were lucky enough to live in the time when she was writing them, speaking them, living them.

    How wonderful is that?

  5. A wondrous gift to the world ... her words will live on for generations xxxx

  6. I love the end of And Still I rise... love it and it will give me goosebumps forever.



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