Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Week's Best

As always, good stuff on the internet this week. Sharing a few with you tonight. Pick one, pick two, and enjoy the read!

--For those who like to find a good read, here's one I fell in love with from a brand new to me blog: O Mighty Crisis (you'll love this story, goosebumps)

--From the blog, The Mind Unleashed, 22 Unbelievable Places To Visit That Really Exist. (so exquisite and lovely to daydream about)

--From one of my favorite people on the internet, the bloggess, writing on how good it feels to feel good. We all have those days -- for me, it would be when a migraine finally leaves -- that remind us of just how light we are when we are free of pain, heartfelt or bodyfelt: "There's a moment"

--From the blogger at Smacksy, Lisa Page Rosenberg, writing with humor and sincerity about her new venture into raw eating. Easy to follow, true life experiences, she tries food in a variety of ways and tells of how life changing the switch to raw has been for her and her family. I really like it. Check her out on My Raw Blog

Enjoy the summer, everyone!

* * *


  1. Loved The Bloggess' post.

  2. That one from The Bloggess. Yes. So hard to remember when, as she says, pain is lying to you.

  3. I loved the bloggess post. I think I followed your FB link there. I have to check out the raw foods blog - I'm curious about that.

  4. Argh. I think my comment was lost. And I hate to retype it and have it show up twice but slightly different each time so you know I tried to recreate it completely but failed.

    Or is that something that only happens to me?
    In any case. I was here. I read. I felt.

    Love you!

  5. Thanks, Lady. Drop by for kale anytime! xo L

  6. The bloggess' post is always needed. It feels good to feel good, it is a gift to feel good. And we forget. (thanks for reading, everyone... xo)



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