Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Week's Best

As always, good stuff on the internet this week. Sharing a few with you tonight. Pick one, pick two, and enjoy the read!

--For those who like to find a good read, here's one I fell in love with from a brand new to me blog: O Mighty Crisis (you'll love this story, goosebumps)

--From the blog, The Mind Unleashed, 22 Unbelievable Places To Visit That Really Exist. (so exquisite and lovely to daydream about)

--From one of my favorite people on the internet, the bloggess, writing on how good it feels to feel good. We all have those days -- for me, it would be when a migraine finally leaves -- that remind us of just how light we are when we are free of pain, heartfelt or bodyfelt: "There's a moment"

--From the blogger at Smacksy, Lisa Page Rosenberg, writing with humor and sincerity about her new venture into raw eating. Easy to follow, true life experiences, she tries food in a variety of ways and tells of how life changing the switch to raw has been for her and her family. I really like it. Check her out on My Raw Blog

Enjoy the summer, everyone!

* * *


  1. Loved The Bloggess' post.

  2. That one from The Bloggess. Yes. So hard to remember when, as she says, pain is lying to you.

  3. Please watch this video, it changed the way I see gender issues and feminism:
    If you liked it then vote it up on reddit because more people need to see this.

  4. I loved the bloggess post. I think I followed your FB link there. I have to check out the raw foods blog - I'm curious about that.

  5. Argh. I think my comment was lost. And I hate to retype it and have it show up twice but slightly different each time so you know I tried to recreate it completely but failed.

    Or is that something that only happens to me?
    In any case. I was here. I read. I felt.

    Love you!

  6. Thanks, Lady. Drop by for kale anytime! xo L

  7. The bloggess' post is always needed. It feels good to feel good, it is a gift to feel good. And we forget. (thanks for reading, everyone... xo)



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