Thursday, May 28, 2015

13 Things to Never Say to an Older Woman with Curly Hair

A post inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, DudeMom, and her love for her Curls.

 1.  "Wow, with that hair, kinda sad that look is just for under 40, you know?"

2.  "I'd kill for your hair, if I were younger."

3.  "Sure you can pull it off. But, me? I think I would chop it off after 40."

4.  "Life is like that -- you have this great hair but I guess we're lucky we don't care what we look like anymore."

5.   "Too bad that pretty curly hair is wasted on us as we age."

6.  "This humid weather could make your curly hair look awesome, instead of just looking like Seth Rogen."

7.  "At least you don't have to worry about frizzing up. People don't really care what you look like so much."

8.  "You could put bobby pins in it, or hairspray it down, a big barrette, maybe?  -- when it gets hot and sticky like today."

9.  "Best to just wear it short, you know, nice and tight to the head when it starts to curl up around the forehead like that, don't you think?."

10.  "Someone screwed up when they handed out the curls without an expiration date!"

11.  "Wow. Your hair really curls up after exercise, doesn't it? Like a little half afro thingy." 

12.  "It's kind of like you almost could do it, I mean, you know, aging, but you gotta be avant garde for curly hair when you're older."

13.  "Only curls? Oh, well, at least when you want a hairstyle, you've got one right there. Of course, the idea of ringlets is out, because you know, age and all..."

You may wonder after this list, Well, what CAN I say to an older woman who has curls?
This works, "Your hair is beautiful."

Totally acceptable. Even if curl-envy (oh, it's a thing) whispers in your ear to say otherwise.
* * *


  1. OMG. People seriously think curls are limited to a certain age? Geesh! I love your hair, and to me, you're ageless.

    My mom had straight hair until menopause, then her dream of curls came true all on their own. She's thrilled, though I imagine comments like these don't help!

  2. True story: At my kid's dentist appointment, while he has my daughter lying down with her mouth propped open, drill at the ready, the dentist stops and says, "She gets her curls from you, doesn't she?" "Well," I say, standing there with a head full of curls, "yes." "And you just wish it were straight, don't you?" "..."

  3. That's what I'd say. And I've seen you in person so I know it's true!

    (I'm referring to the "your hair is beautiful" of course).

  4. I love your hair! Who would ever say that age has anything to do with hairstyle? The only thing mature women can't pull off is pigtails, and for that look, mature is 12 years old.

    1. I know someone in their 50s who wears pigtails!! And she pins them on!! (i'll try to sneak a pic)

  5. All I ever wanted, when I was a kid, was exactly your hair: dark, long, and curly. That hasn't changed. Your hair is aspirational!!!

    1. It's fun except when it's humid and then my superpower is how much Frizz Ease my hair can drink up.

  6. I have curly hair and I hope the curls stay as I grow older!
    I love your curls, and you should love them too!
    I have curly envy!

  7. I am laughing so hard! I get what you're saying about no one wanting anyone over 40 having long tresses! Sod them! hehehe Your hair is lovely!



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